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Will Tip Swelling Reduce and Raise? (photo)

I'm 3 weeks post op after having open rhinoplasty. I know there is significant swelling for awhile. Prior to my surgery my tip was just fine. My surgeon wanted to raise my tip... READ MORE

Please tell me the tip will go down? (photo)

I'm 4 weeks post op and my tip and the skin under the tip is still so huge. Please tell me that it still looks swollen and that it'll go down. READ MORE

1 month post op rhinoplasty concerned? (photo)

I do not like the tip. Please tell me this will somehow shape Into a nicer defined tip? I don't like the roundness of it. 1 month post op READ MORE

I'm going on 3 months post op. My nose looks great from the side but why does my tip look hook like from the front? (photo)

My tip was refined and nicely lifted before surgery. I only had the hump removed. Why does my tip look so weird? I'm so self conscious. I liked the tip better before. Why... READ MORE

4 months post op: My columella is droopy - Advice? (Photo)

I know the tip and columella are the last to heal but I'm 4 months post op and my tip is driving me nuts. My side profile is okay, it's the front view that looks like a... READ MORE

4 months post op: Will my nose simmer down a bit? My tip is clown like (Photo)

I love my profile however I don't like how my tip looks. It looks great from the side but the front view is driving me crazy. It droops a little and it's soooooo round. Ugh!... READ MORE

10 months post op. What do you think of the results? Does my tip look okay? (photos)

Some days I like my news, others I dont. On the left side of nose, it feels as if their are pieces of bone in my nose. The other side of my nose is very smooth. I cant explain... READ MORE

One year post op. Is my tip too round? I can't get over how round it is. (Photo)

If I'm questioning it at one year post op, I must be unhappy, right? I like my profile but I can't get over how round my tip is and how droopy my nose look from the front. My... READ MORE

Should I go for a revision? (photos)

I'm 18 months post op and I'm still not satisfied with my results. I think the part under the nose is still a little big and droopy. My doctor said he could attempt fix it but... READ MORE

Do I need a revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I like everything about my new nose but the tip. Im 20 months post op and I'm not thrilled about the tip. It's very round and sort of droopy. Especially in pictures. At my last... READ MORE