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Hi Mylady, I had a rough healing period too! But I had my surgery back in the dark ages of 2006 at 42 -- so I was hoping that things had progressed and maybe they had better techniques now. I had general anesthetic too. Don't know how... READ COMMENT

Yes you do look about 30! People who know you may not be able to judge objectively. READ COMMENT

Hi Stella, I had a similar procedure in 2006 when I was 42, face/neck and upper eyes. I had general anesthesia in the docs surgery center. I see that now they are doing more of these with local like you had. The thing about general... READ COMMENT

Oh no -- it looks like your photos are no longer posted (or maybe something's wrong with my computer) but I'm glad you had wonderful results! READ COMMENT

It's funny, the one photo you say is in the "worst possible light to show flaws" is the one that I think looks most beautiful! I can't believe you have the most obnoxious co-workers, telling you negative comments. Ignore them -- we can... READ COMMENT