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How to pick the right Doctor and have a happy ever after

I've always been self conscious about my body. I am latina, so is a HUGE deal to have big boobs, tiny waist and big butt. I was gifted with a tiny waist, but the butt and the boobies def. need some improvement. After a lot of considerations, I've decided to do both! I will have to do them... READ MORE

Is your butt weird looking too?

Can't decide between Dominican Republic with Duran, or the US in Florida with Salama or Ghurani. Help! So far Dra. Duran has answered faster than expected, but this past week I've heard a supposed US surgery warning for people like me traveling to dominican republic. I've seen pictures of the... READ MORE

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I Will Be Having a BA + a BBL in Dec. What Items Should I Start Getting That Will Be Helpful to Stay Comfortable?

(Special Pillows, items that help me get up...) My biggest concern is how on earth I am going to sleep. Thanks! -Is the Descansa Breast Pillow worth buying?  READ MORE

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Hey Nikki! I know, those wish pics are no joke. Hopefully we will turn out as we wish! I will let you know if I find any good paddings. Right now I am looking into the brand "Leonisa" READ COMMENT

Hi Lady! I love this bra. Is from Free People. It is called lace halter bra. Got it at Nordstrom. They have tons of colors, I LOVE IT! the only downside is that it starts bothering on the neck after a while. Haven't used it much, so... READ COMMENT

Lady! you made it to the other side! So happy for you. These next months you will see tons of changes for the better. Glad you feel good and everything went well. It takes a while to have the boobs feel 'part of you' so hang in there.... READ COMMENT

You look so gorgeous. Every time I stumble on your blog, I am amazed on how great Ghurani did on you. Total body change for the better! Also glad about your abdomen! I see no lumpiness at all! great job! I hope I can turn out as great... READ COMMENT

Lady, how are things going with you? Are you ok? Just read your entire story and I'm so shocked. I cannot believe an ingrown would do such horrible thing. Please keep us update. Realself is meant to be to know the good, the bad and the... READ COMMENT