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Possible to Get Invisalign for Crowded Teeth Without Filing?

My lower teeth are crowded. I want to have Invisalign, but don't want to get my teeth filed. Is it possible to get this treatment done without filing the teeth? Thank you. READ MORE

Can Invisalign Cause Hollow Cheeks?

I read on youtube that Invisalign treatment can cause your cheeks to hollow if you have a small chin and slim face prior to treatment.Is this true and would the ortho know if... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Cause Teeth to Push Out?

I read online that a girl got Invisalign for minor problem and that Invisalign pushed her front top teeth out and she now has to get them pushed back.  Is this common with... READ MORE

Round Tripping of Teeth?

Hi, what is round tripping of teeth and will any Invisalign dentist do it? Thank you. READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to Widen Arch with Invisalign?

I am getting my arch widened to straighten teeth instead of IPR (Interproximal Reduction). Does it take a long time to widen the arch with Invisalign? READ MORE

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Did you have to wear elastics and did getting teeth removed make much of a difference in your face thanks READ COMMENT

Did you get any filing done and which teeth ,did it make your teeth look smaller after filing thanks READ COMMENT

Did anyone get there molars distilized instead of getting teeth filed to make room for crooked teeth during invisalign treatment thanks. READ COMMENT