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Can I Continue Breastfeeding (Immediately) After Breast Explantation with Capsulectomy? Diagnosis Ruptured Implant.

I have silicone implants placed in 2007. The left is ruptured, on MRI. I had my first surgery w/375 saline implants in 2003. I am currently nursing my 11 month old baby with... READ MORE

Pros and cons of capsulectomy?

What are the benefits of a capsulectomy? What are the risks? How does a ruptured silicone implant effect explant with or without capsulectomy? Thanks in advance for your answers. READ MORE

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I know she said she concerned about a galactocele as a complication, that's why she wants drains (and back up drains, yikes). READ COMMENT

Thank you, I wonder why my chosen surgeon is so strict. I think she's removing part of the capsule (the anterior portion?) unless she can avoid it. Maybe it's because mine is ruptured? How long was your surgery? Gosh, this is so tough. READ COMMENT

Sorry to keep bothering you... How long was it until you could pick up your babe? I've been told 6 weeks, and that I'll have drains (4!) in for possibly that long. I was told this in my preop and I'm scared to death of how it's going to... READ COMMENT

Thank you! Any nerve damage from explant? Were you numb at all from implant (if so did it improve with explant)? I'm so nervous of how it all will affect breastfeeding (short and long term). READ COMMENT