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Can I have Botox to enlarge my mons pubis?

I love to show my body whilst on the beach. I have had labiaplasty and would like to improve my labia majora and mons for greater beautification and to show off a good camel- toe READ MORE

I would like my clitoris to be permanently exposed after having Labiaplasty. Is this possible?

I would like my clitoris circumcised so that it projects beyond my labia majora. I have a friend whose clitoris is very much less sensitive than mine but gives her moderate... READ MORE

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Frankly I looked just like you do before my excision. I now am full of confidence and very happy with the result. i cannot agree with a part labiaplasty as some look almost like they have not been done at all. At what cost? I just love... READ COMMENT

Suggest that you see a gynaecologist and simply ask for your labia minora to be excised completely. This is more effective than labiaplasty where they often leave too much flesh and are in it for the money, The NHS are able to authorise... READ COMMENT

Good for you. I look forward to seeing your pics. Please show some "before" so we can all see what you will be missing! Lilian. READ COMMENT

At least you are symmetrical. Some men prefer large labia and clits but if you find your swimsuit too revealing you could pay thousands for a revamp! Perhaps a clitoral circumcision may make you feel better and more attractive but I... READ COMMENT

Trim or wedge methods are for plastic surgeons. I had a total excision with no internal labia existing after the op. This is the norm for regular surgeons who do not make so much fuss about the resultant appearance. All I can say is... READ COMMENT