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Can I have Botox to enlarge my mons pubis?

I love to show my body whilst on the beach. I have had labiaplasty and would like to improve my labia majora and mons for greater beautification and to show off a good camel- toe READ MORE

I would like my clitoris to be permanently exposed after having Labiaplasty. Is this possible?

I would like my clitoris circumcised so that it projects beyond my labia majora. I have a friend whose clitoris is very much less sensitive than mine but gives her moderate... READ MORE

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Hi, I just hope that you are really satisfied with your circumcision. I particularly enjoy my girlfriends who have had a clitoral hood reduction as the result is so much cleaner and more sexy. How much of your labia were reduced? Mine... READ COMMENT

Just ask at the right moment. It is better for a general surgeon to do this than seek for plastic surgery as you will find the total result more drastic but less traumatic. READ COMMENT

Good for you .I had this done several years ago under NHS with other Gyn. ops. I have never regretted for one second having no inner labia. At the time I thought it unusual but the Indonesian theatre sister did not seem at all surprised... READ COMMENT

You are so fortunate. I wanted my clitoral foreskin removed when I had my labia excised but they did not remove enough at that time.I have now had a proper clitoral circumcision and although that left me with an over-sensitive clitoris... READ COMMENT

You clearly had a very good operation and the result should always please you. It appears that your clit. hood was partly excised also and so the final appearance will be excellent. READ COMMENT