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Reviews by Mylady

Long Trip to HAPPY...but I am here and doing great!

The procedure was fine, I guess I'm a bruiser. I'm 54 and Hayes the loose skin from weight loss and age. I just thought I'd be able to go back to work in 2 weeks, but my neck muscles on the sides are swelled really bad. I look like I hit an airbag in a car accident. I did everything I was... READ MORE

Did my boobs at 52 and 3 years post OP they are awesome!

When I got my breasts fixed I hoped to look better in clothes. That came true. However, I don't like the ripple from the under the muscle breast lifts and implants. I think it's mainly the silicone vs saline. I got saline, 310 each breast. I was so small that it was a bit of a stretch. I... READ MORE

Questions from Mylady

My ears feel like they are burning and my neck is swelled. I'm 3 weeks out of a mini lift. I feel awful. Is this normal?

I felt sick, headachy and flush. There are no more open sores although one ear is very red. Both ears burn...I'm so swollen. Will water pills help? I had a lot of bruising and... READ MORE

Swelling from lymphs or glands on both sides of my neck that are uncomfortable. What could it be? (photo)

I have soft, squishy spots that have what others call crapey on the right side. Could this be fat lumps that are displaced from the lipo in the middle? There remains the... READ MORE

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Wonderful. I am concerned for me because I think about this as I hate my arms, but I scar, well, not that great. Thanks! READ COMMENT

Can you show some pics of your brachioplasty scars? You look amazing! READ COMMENT

Just beautiful! Glad you did it! READ COMMENT

I loved reading your posts! I OY vey'd a lot . I am in awe of your lack of bruising. I actually had black eyes and didn't have anything done up there! I too put on at least 20 pounds and can't seem to get rid of it on my 5'3"frame. I... READ COMMENT

How cute you are! I had microdermabrasion when I had my neck lift and I looked like I had a blood red healed but I notice the little mouth wrinkles coming back. Maybe if I can afford it, I'll try something new. Thanks! READ COMMENT