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My Upper Lip Look Fat and Duckish! Help! Can I Do Something for This? Juvederm Used.

I hade juvaderm injected into my upper lip, marionette lines and under eyes. the thing that most worries me is my upper lip. I got it done at 4 pm yesterday and not it is 8 am.... READ MORE

Juvaderm Injected Under Eyes, in Lips and in Creases Around This Normal I Am Toally Freaking Out?

I asked the injector for "natural lips". This is what I have now...2 1/2 days later...I emailed the lady who did this and she said it will take 5 days for it to go down. She... READ MORE

2 Cc's Total: Under Eyes, Lips (Mostly Upper) and Smile Lines, Creases of Mouth. Hate It So Far! Will This Improve? (photo)

2.5 Days Now. I am horrified by the size of my lips, the swelling and pillows under my eyes. It has been 2.5 days now...will this really improve...? I cannot leave the house! I... READ MORE

Juvederm Day 3.5, Will Swelling and Bruising Go Away? (photo)

2 total ml injected. Less than 1 ml lips, rest around mouth, smiles lines and under eyes.  OMG look at my eyes! My injector said, oops I hit a vein under my right eye! At... READ MORE

Juvederm injected in lips and under eyes 3 weeks ago...This is the result. Lumps under eyes? (photo)

Doctor recommendations please? I know all the DR reservations for injecting juvederm under the eyes. I don't like the result, and yes for sure next time if I ever do this again... READ MORE