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Excited and Have Alot of Questions.... -Stockton, CA

Hello all!!! I am anxiously awaiting my procedure. I am having a MEDIAL THIGH LIFT. My doctor says he expects to take off at least 8 liters of excess skin and fat. As I read the post my all of you I see things to get that I wouldn't even think of. I was told I will not be in a compression... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck After Major Weight Loss - Stockton, CA

Dr. Williams is the best ps ever!! Kind, caring, informative, and always has time for your questions no matter how silly they seem or long it may take. He pays close attention to detail. I will be seeing him again for my MEDIAL THIGH LIFT which is scheduled for 12.12.13. I can hardly wait... I... READ MORE

The First Day of the Rest of my Life...- Pleasanton, CA

I consider it an honor to share my story with all of you. I have been heavy all of my life but never really realized just how heavy I was. Confidence was something that I always showed others even while on the inside I was dying... literally. Some say I took the easy way out... I say, Walk a day... READ MORE

Questions from Renata H., Stockton

Incision for Medial Thigh Lift?

Hi, I am scheduled for a MEDIAL THIGH LIFT and will be receiving the long incision on the inner thigh. My question is is there another part of the incision at the extreme top... READ MORE

I am getting ready to have a medial thigh lift on Dec 12? (photo)

With the incisions down the inner thigh to the knee.. My PS told me I have approx 8 liters to be removed. My question is... My doc told me I will have staples to close the... READ MORE

Blood loss during medial thigh lift

Hello, I recently had a medial thigh lift where 4.8 pounds was removed off of each side. Once discharged I was rushed back to the hospital with a bilateral PE *pulmonary... READ MORE

Tattoo after Pulmonary Embolism: Is it Safe?

I had a medial thigh lift with some serious complications * feel free to read my review*. One of which was bi lateral pulmonary emboli. I have an IVC filer in place as well.... READ MORE

Medial Thigh Lift Complications ( Want tattoo after IVC filter and transfusions)

I had a medial thigh lift with some serious complications * feel free to read my review*. One of which was bi lateral pulmonary emboli. I have an IVC filer in place as... READ MORE

Question regarding revascularization of thigh after medial thigh lift

Hello, I was told that I have to have a procedure called "revascularization" * not sure of the spelling* after having a medial thigh lift with on going complication. Can you... READ MORE

Saphenous vein removed during thigh lift, and my femoral artery stops abruptly in my thigh. Will it cause circulation issues?

I had a medial thigh lift w/ complications I found out that my saphenous vein was removed and my femoral artery abruptly stops mid thigh in the place I developed a 17 cm... READ MORE

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I appreciate that lady... Thank you for the concern. I'm trying really hard to get through this READ COMMENT

Yes LOL I LOVE auto correct LOL Again I say thank you! I honestly don't intend on whining on here. This page allows me to "vent" and not internalize all of this "STUFF". Also for others to know this stuff is REAL... and this kind of... READ COMMENT

Please don't let my story cause you to possibly miss out on what it is you have been wanting. I am sure my story isn't the norm. The reason I shared my story was to let people know that these things happen and to make sure they ask... READ COMMENT

Yea i sure hope so. I got re measured today for my compression stockings again. Another month of waiting....*rolling eyes* READ COMMENT

Wow ... Thank you for such a host of useful information. I am doing my best in staying positive and smiling more. I do know that things could be alot worst. It just seems that when I get "comfortable" with what I'm dealing with, ... READ COMMENT