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Tummy Tuck Gone Wrong - Upland, CA

I had a TT and lipo to the flanks and I'm sure that my incision is not healing right at all. It's bulging out swollen and red. It even had black areas in it. I'm very depressed by all this. I hope it heels ok. I see others incisions on here and they are all nice and flat and that's how I... READ MORE

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Do I Have Necrosis?! My Incision is Not Normal I Know It. (photo)

My dr says I'm healing beautifully but I just have this feeling that I'm not. I'm 8 days post and I have black areas, I'm swollen and budging out of the scar, I'm red, and even... READ MORE

Dr Says I'm Fine but I Know It's Skin Necrosis So Now What? (photo)

Should I go to the ER? My dr says this that it is normal and I'm fine but I know that it's necrosis from reading everyone's story on this site and I know it's just getting... READ MORE

Infected Drain Site when the Drains Were Removed? What's Going on It Looks Nasty? (photo)

I had my drains removed yesterday and my right side looks yellow and very red around it. Also it's bleeding as well and I noticed a secondary hole under the hole where the... READ MORE

Does my skin necrosis look infected? (photo)

I had surgery on 9/30 and ps said I have minor skin necrosis and it will fall off and heal on its own, but I'm also getting sharp pains in that area and it hurts pretty bad.... READ MORE

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Check out my profile...I wish I had gone to a different ps. He ruined my tummy. READ COMMENT

Thanks! I've been using bottled water and saline wound wash too but and not showering just sponge bathing. :( READ COMMENT

It's really surprising how my ps is neglecting me so much! Even to where I knew I had skin necrosis and he could have taken care of that but instead ignored it and look how bad it's gotten. But I know I will heal it's just gonna take... READ COMMENT

Thanks savannah, I ended up taking an urgent care trip last night. I know my wound wasn't looking to great and turns out I have an infection. But the wet and dry method is definitely helping to get rid of all that yucky stuff. READ COMMENT

Really? So the stitches can really cause a problem? Even if it's dissolvable? Kinda scary that I can see a stitch!! Show how deep my hole really is. :( READ COMMENT