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Is Oozing Bright Red Blood Normal 4-5 Days Post Septo/rhino? There's Been No Bleeding, Just Clear Mucus Days 1-3 PO? (photo)

I had a septorhino w turb red I had no bleeding PO 1-3 only clear mucus Day 4 some bright red mucous discharge from my right nostril It stopped PO day 5 I woke up with my head... READ MORE

Scar Tissue or Surgical Glue Above Dissolvable Stitches? Septorhinoplasty. (photo)

The yellow structure inside of R nostril is dissolvable stitches, which is in the same place in both nostrils. I'm curious about the pink structure above it which is also in... READ MORE

1 Month post septorhino w/ turbs & sinus, narrow nostrils, possibly scarring or just swollen cartilage, can anything be done?

I am 1 month post op from a septorhino w/ turbs and sinus surgery. My nostrils on the outside seem relatively the same size as they were preop, but the inner opening to my... READ MORE

I'm afraid I have nostril infection after primary rhinoplasty 4wks p/o. What are the chances of this happening? I am panicking.

I am 25 days post op & both of my nostrils are red inside and a bit tender, but the right one is much more narrow and swollen inside. The walls are very bright red, sore... READ MORE

Dent and Lump on sides of bridge 3mo post rhinoplasty (photo)

I am 3 mo post rhinoplasty. On one side of the bridge, I have a dark shadow (in red) which can be seen in certain lighting. I feel it's a dent when I run my finger over it. On... READ MORE

Tip bulbous on one side post op, is this swelling? (photo)

I am 5 months post op and I don't understand why one side of my tip has smooth contours and the other appears bulbous. Upon a straight forward view it is slightly noticeable... READ MORE

Irregularities with bridge 8mo. P/O. what went wrong? Should I be concerned or start planning for revision? (photos)

I am so unhappy w/ the bridge of my nose. Will a graft be needed to revise this? The top feels flat & there is a ridge where bones aren't straight/touching. crookedness can be... READ MORE

Was this look achieved through injectable fillers alone, or were there likely other cosmetic procedures involved? (Photo)

This is a before/after of a celebrity. What procedures did she likely have to raise the eyebrows (I realized they appear thicker due to makeup application, but they are... READ MORE

Is it safe to get Juvederm after having 1 round of Silikon 1000 injected to lips?

I had 1 round of Silikon 1000 injected to lips but the asymmetry is still present. Now one side feels & appears firmer/fuller than the other side. This is what I went in to... READ MORE

Would HA filler be safe and effective after Silikon 1000 filler? (Photo)

I had .6 cc of Silikon 1000 to both top and bottom lip. The results are practically non existent except for some now slight asymmetry. My lips are still something I want to... READ MORE