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Dr. Epstein: Excellent Neck Lift (61 Y.o.) - Northbrook, IL

My neck lift involving platysma muscle repair and slight under chin liposuction was performed one day ago. Already I can determine the operation was highly successful. Dr. Epstein is careful to suggest an array of treatment options with expected outcomes. He will not aggressively push... READ MORE

Beletero Injections - Vernon Hills

Intended for small scar near mouth and area above lip. I usually don't react to fillers, but this product seemed to elicit an allergic response. Areas where the Beletero was injected became hardened and red. It felt like a little hard ball was pushed from my skin (much like milia). I wanted... READ MORE

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Hi Melissa, I did mention the crepey skin. I don't believe any was removed. My fear is that once the neck looses tautness, firmness, elasticity, etc. there is only so much that can be done. I also believe that if skin is pulled too... READ COMMENT

Hi Danielle, The photos are not properly labeled in that photo #2 is actually pre-op. My understanding is a "wind tunnel effect" occurs where a patient receives a face lift whereby the skin is pulled unnaturally tight. Incidentally,... READ COMMENT

You can start by doing some of your own detective work. I understand your aversion to drug therapy, but if something is amiss, you are better off concluding this early on. Underlying hormonal issues are very complex. Some cases of... READ COMMENT

Interesting how many of us have the same negative experience with dermatologists. Spiranolactone is a medication that you will no doubt need to take through your reproductive years and possibly beyond. If you have mild to severe... READ COMMENT

I agree, I think you will look incredible! Meanwhile. . .OUCH- you look sore poor girl. READ COMMENT