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I wish you were able to contact the doc to help you through this. That said, I was curious about the cheek augmentation surgery and what to expect. One of the sites I found was Kirby Plastic Surgery. They stated that smaller facial... READ COMMENT

Keep in mind that tissue repair is mostly done upon six weeks. Healing often continues beyond this point. Be patient and try not to panic. Meanwhile, give your body all of the rest and nutrients you can provide to support the best... READ COMMENT

All I can say is I hope and pray you are wrong and given time this will resolve itself. Such a shame though to be feeling so horribly. I once had acne scars and remedied the situation with liquid nitrogen. The gun dripped causing deep... READ COMMENT

I hope and pray this resolves itself. Eight days is still very early yet, so perhaps when your sensation returns and your swelling diminishes you will look and feel much better. I feel terrible for you that you are suffering such anxiety. READ COMMENT