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Scary Dental Block Reaction Prior to Restylane (Third Time) - Massachusetts

I went to the same Doctor for the 3rd time (no prior problems) to have Restylane injected into my upper lip. I received a Dental Block (lidojust as I had before, but this time it was then injected the other side of my face, which was also way painful than usual, though not quite as bad as the... READ MORE

Questions from KGB

Restylane on Nasolabial Folds Without Dental Block?

I am considering Restylane to the nasolabial folds but had a bad experience with a dental block so I don't want to go through that again. Is it very painful to do this without... READ MORE

Hitting Nerves Possible During Filler Injection?

Is it possible to hit a nerve when injecting dermal fillers into face? I had a doctor who hit a nerve when performing a dental block, and it was awful, with numbness and... READ MORE

Best Doctor for Dermal Fillers?

Is it better to go to a Dermatologist or a Plastic Surgeon for things like Restylane and other fillers?I am particularly interested in Nasolabial folds without a nerve block,... READ MORE

Possible to Hit a Nerve During a Filler Injection?

Is it possible to hit a nerve during a filler injection? I know it's rare but I'm wondering if it's possible to hit a nerve during filler injection (without a nerve block) with... READ MORE

Are Certain Fillers Injected Deeper Than Others?

I have had a bad experience with a nerve being hit during an injection, so I was wondering if there are more superficial fillers that lessen the chance of hitting a nerve or... READ MORE

Why Does Botox Sometimes Cause Flu-like Symptoms?

I keep hearing of people getting flu-like symptoms after having Botox. I have had it twice with no problems, but I'm wondering, can this reaction can happen out of nowhere?... READ MORE

Preventing Eye Ptosis from Botox?

I keep hearing more and more cases of eyelid ptosis or "droopy" or closed eye from Botox. Is there a way to decrease the chances of this happening? Does it happen... READ MORE