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Septal Cartilage Swelling and Pain Nightmare--patients, Be Warned About What Happens when It's Sutured and Harvested. - NY

I wish I had read other reviews about shield grafts and septal cartilage in the nasal tip and all the unhappy patients. My tip is wide and tombstone shaped. Even it had been well-placed, that'd be okay, but for the rest of your dealing with a bulbous nose, it feels awful, it's hard as a rock,... READ MORE

Questions from anonpatient

At What Point is It Counterintuive to Take Prednisone After Rhinoplasty? At 3 Months, Nose is Always Swollen/filled with Liquid?

I suffered a bump after seeing the final revision rhinoplasty result & the swelling around my nasal tip implant (Porex) is turning into scar tissue; one side of my nose... READ MORE

Nose very big due to prolonged swelling/scar tissue after 2nd rhinoplasty; is it pointless to hope for a better outcome safely?

Thick, oily skin. In 2nd rhino, surgeon debulked nose,elevated tip,removed old scar tissue, & augmented tip w/small Porex implant. Saw final "result" in wk 6 but was... READ MORE

One side of my nose was injured after Rhinoplasty, so one side experienced prolonged swelling. How can revision correct this?

1 yr post open rhinoplasty w/ ear cartilage & small implant in tip, no bone breakage. Nose healed well & symmetrically till blow on one side just after 1 month post op; injury... READ MORE

Can I fix a breathing problem after a Rhinoplasty, without undo the aesthetic benefits of surgery?

I had open revision rhinoplasty removing a bulky graft seven days ago. I know I'm still swollen, but one nostril in particular has given me trouble since the "bad" rhino 1 yr... READ MORE

Surgeon didn't address breathing issues in open rhinoplasty. Suspect internal valve collapse. Can I address in closed procedure?

I had a revision tipplasty & assumed my surgeon would debulk the sides of the nose & the area above the left nostril, which has been hard to breath out of due to bad healing of... READ MORE

Can scar tissue be removed in closed procedure to help with breathing?

I went recently had an open tipplasty w/septal augmentation and hoped my surgeon would address the internal vault issues I've had scar tissue compressing the roof of my left... READ MORE

Should I have requested a nose be re-rotated to keep the shortening effect when switching out an implant for natural cartilage?

I recently had a nose that had been rotated 1-3mm & projected with a synthetic implant switched for a septal graft. After the rhino using the imp The original implant was in my... READ MORE

Followup: 1 month post septorhino. No old scar tissue was removed, and graft is deviated. Feel severe pain. How do I get relief?

Three wks ago I had a revision rhinoplasty but my surgeon did not remove mature scarring before he resected a septal graft & put it in. B/c the nasal tip was crooked,he put the... READ MORE

Earliest period a rhinoplasty can be modified to help breathing due to nasal obstruction?

My surgeon performed open rhinoplasty on the tip & only the tip. Surgery took 1.5 hours; he replaced a graft & put the graft in deviated, constricting an already semi-closed... READ MORE

Follow-up: Misplaced cartilage graft obstructing breathing. How soon can this be revised?

I am 3 wks post op & a septal onlay cartilage graft is pushing into my septum/totally obstructing breathing in left nostril. Mature scar tissue from previous rhino never... READ MORE

Can a deviated nose be fixed endonasally?

My surgeon put in a septal graft in my tip, in a nose that was derotated only on the left side. I am now unable to breath because the left nostril is bring compressed/pulled... READ MORE

Is it easy to add moderate projection to a nose to balance projection and tip elevation with an endonasal approach?

I had an unsuccessful rhinoplasty that left the tip very underprojected on the right side but suitably projected in the left. H/e, the left side is derotated and has literally... READ MORE

Is nasal projection and elevation needed to bring the top lip forward?

I have a bulbous, droopy, deprojected tip. I want to bring my upper lip foward; right now my lower lip juts when I smile or speak. How can I plan out a revision and advise my... READ MORE

How can I fix a deviated, derotated, bulbous nose?

A trauma after rhinoplasty led my tip to deviate and derotate entirely to the left. There is actually a dent on the right tip as a result. The left side is overprojected/1 mm... READ MORE

Can a graft be septal readjusted without replacement?

My septal cartilage only graft was put in a derotated nose. The derotated was not corrected before the graft was put in. I can see it's much bigger on the left than the right.... READ MORE

Can septal cartilage be harvested endonasally?

My surgeon left me with too little tip elevation in revision. I need to be rotated in one direction & think I need a longer caudal strip. Now what? READ MORE

Any NYC surgeons willing to use medpor tip top graft to narrow a tip?

I had a rhinoplasty w/ a septal shield graft, and hate how it looks/feels. I like the results that come from trimmed medpor grafts & feel that if the implant is placed in ear... READ MORE

Had septoplasty & shield graft put in too low. How do I get air?

I'm two months post op & my breathing upon inspiration is a lot worse because the shield graft was put too low. I am only breathing through 1 nostril & have nasal drip. When I... READ MORE

How do you narrow a wide dorsum without breaking bones?

I have a wide, droopy tip and dorsum. When I pinch my dorsum onto my natural bridge, I can breath well and also think my nose looks more attractive. I want a rhinoplasty that... READ MORE

Lung pressure and pain after rhinoplasty, felt mostly at night. Pulmonary edema?

I am six weeks post-op for septo-rhino & my breathing has gotten worse. I have nasal valve collapse b/c the graft put in widened my dorsum so much I can't breath well, my... READ MORE

What are the best methods to stabilize a shield graft in an Asian patient?

I had a rhinoplasty with a septal shield graft and notice the tip is dropping. I need a revision for additional scar tissue removal, but I was wondering if a graft can be... READ MORE

How do I find a surgeon that will give me a certain sort of implant material?

After much thought I feel I need an implant in my nose. One surgeon suggested rib; another will suggest a lot of grafts. I just feel this is unnecessary, & more importantly,... READ MORE

How do Gore-Tex, Medpor and Silastic compare when properly used in Indian/Asian short nosed patients?

It's my understanding that placement of the implant in natural cartilage is the real onus of any implant to help a patient augment a low bridge/support a tip through the dorsum... READ MORE

Are surgeons actually willing to perform surgery around six months if a patient is deformed?

Two months ago, surgeon really derotated my nose. He didn't touch scar tissue formation I needed removed. The valve issues I'm experiencing are causing really bad headaches, &... READ MORE

Can I have an implant replaced?

A had a botched surgery and literally all my surgeon did was remove ear cartilage and well-placed medpor graft he advised me was inhibiting scar tissue removal. He removed none... READ MORE

Is a columellar strut necessary? Can it be modified easily?

A surgeon sewed me up at 0 mm, meaning my columellar strut is very tight. I don't like it. I want to be 1-3 mm so I can smile comfortably. Swelling is not the problem now, poor... READ MORE

How many times can the ear be harvested for cartilage?

I had a poor rhinoplasty result using cartilage from the back of one ear. I have a misplaced septal cartilage graft in my nasal tip now that I'm not sure is safe to re-use and... READ MORE

Can I deal with an injured valve AND refine my nose?

I was injured a year ago-causing scar tissue & swelling in my bridge & tip- & have undergone an open rhino where my dorsum & tip were lowered. The nasal valve weakness is in my... READ MORE

How do I determine the cause of upper lateral valve collapse?

I was injured before rhinoplasty. My nose swelled badly in the tip, dragging the nose down. My upper lateral valve felt a lot of pressure, headaches and throbbing a few months... READ MORE

I have a droopy, thick skin nose & upper lateral wall valve collapse. Can I reshape my tip & dorsum while helping the valve?

I have weak septal cartilage, upper lateral wall valve collapse causing pain, & want a rhinoplasty revision for scar tissue and a bulbous, droopy tip. Can I correct all these... READ MORE

I'm Indian, and had non infected, non extruding implant removed based on bad advice. Now nose is collapsing. What can I do?

I had a medpor strut graft in a conchal bowl removed b/c I suffered a severe enough blow to the nose that it caused the tip to derotate, but I have thick skin & the amount of... READ MORE

What would happen if I had a shield & strut graft removed? They're hurting me, are unattractive, they're obstructing breathing

A surgeon sewed my nose twisting to the left w/a strut & shield graft. It was a mistake to go thru w/surgery. I'm 2 months post op & the face/headaches get worse & worse b/c he... READ MORE

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Can I get cosmetic surgery even if don't have any private health coverage in case of emergencies?

I plan to get a revision for cosmetic surgery & am temporarily losing private health insurance. I am paying for the surgery, out of pocket, of course, but get the impressions... READ MORE

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*not "challenge" Dr. Kim Ask ANY surgeon to feel your nose. Another surgeon I selected showed me patients with implants in their noses. I have to give Dr. Kim credit for that. READ COMMENT

This breaks my heart so deeply. I wish people knew just how life changing for the worst it can be if something goes wrong. READ COMMENT

ETA: Please tell us what grafts he used and the type. I am looking into a revision with him too. How was he able to narrow it? READ COMMENT

Can I ask what he used to graft the nose? READ COMMENT