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At What Point is It Counterintuive to Take Prednisone After Rhinoplasty? At 3 Months, Nose is Always Swollen/filled with Liquid?

I suffered a bump after seeing the final revision rhinoplasty result & the swelling around my nasal tip implant (Porex) is turning into scar tissue; one side of my nose... READ MORE

Nose very big due to prolonged swelling/scar tissue after 2nd rhinoplasty; is it pointless to hope for a better outcome safely?

Thick, oily skin. In 2nd rhino, surgeon debulked nose,elevated tip,removed old scar tissue, & augmented tip w/small Porex implant. Saw final "result" in wk 6 but was... READ MORE

One side of my nose was injured after Rhinoplasty, so one side experienced prolonged swelling. How can revision correct this?

1 yr post open rhinoplasty w/ ear cartilage & small implant in tip, no bone breakage. Nose healed well & symmetrically till blow on one side just after 1 month post op; injury... READ MORE

Can I fix a breathing problem after a Rhinoplasty, without undo the aesthetic benefits of surgery?

I had open revision rhinoplasty removing a bulky graft seven days ago. I know I'm still swollen, but one nostril in particular has given me trouble since the "bad" rhino 1 yr... READ MORE

Surgeon didn't address breathing issues in open rhinoplasty. Suspect internal valve collapse. Can I address in closed procedure?

I had a revision tipplasty & assumed my surgeon would debulk the sides of the nose & the area above the left nostril, which has been hard to breath out of due to bad healing of... READ MORE

Can scar tissue be removed in closed procedure to help with breathing?

I went recently had an open tipplasty w/septal augmentation and hoped my surgeon would address the internal vault issues I've had scar tissue compressing the roof of my left... READ MORE

Should I have requested a nose be re-rotated to keep the shortening effect when switching out an implant for natural cartilage?

I recently had a nose that had been rotated 1-3mm & projected with a synthetic implant switched for a septal graft. After the rhino using the imp The original implant was in my... READ MORE

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Can I get cosmetic surgery even if don't have any private health coverage in case of emergencies?

I plan to get a revision for cosmetic surgery & am temporarily losing private health insurance. I am paying for the surgery, out of pocket, of course, but get the impressions... READ MORE

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@Pandaboy: by the way if you still feel anxiety, I do too. Why? Because poor and not-through rhionplasty (as well as things like Medrol dose packs/steroids) change breathing, hearing, and perception. What's done in your nose and sinuses... READ COMMENT

@Pandaboy: do you accept messages? Can I ask who your surgeon is? Message me. No offense, he looks like he added a bad graft (saw the hump). Hope it was taken care of. READ COMMENT

Can I ask what he did? Did he add cartilage, move cartilage, put anything in the columella?) It is absolutely possible to get an atypical outcome for a good surgeon. READ COMMENT

@prisky: You look so beautiful in your photos. I had my own droopy, bulbous tip revised yesterday, taking out a graft, ear cartilage and scar tissue--all of which had healed very badly and made my nose overprojected, bulky and droopy.... READ COMMENT

@Peonia: clarity--responding under different acct, sorry for the confusion. Good luck! READ COMMENT