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Regret It -Manhattan, NY

She removed too much fat on my upper lids and talked me into a premature facelift at age 29! Upper eyelids were unnecessary too. She made me look bug eyed! I can see if she wanted to tighten them a bit but now when I put eyeshadow on it doesn't look right. I have to work extra hard to make it... READ MORE

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I'm 42, I Show All Kinds if Droopping After I Already Had a Facelift at 29. I Know a Facelift Doesn't Last Forever But? (photo)

...the last thing I expected was to look as if I never had one in the first place and look even worse only 13 years later. Why would my skin do this especially at such an early... READ MORE

What can I do to make my face look more soft and feminine? (Photo)

I feel as if the major problem is my nose. Is there anything else going on here that u can address to tone down the rough edges? Thank you READ MORE

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There is an eye surgeon that I was referred to that I'm going to visit soon. I will ask him about sculptra. Thank you very much for the info. READ COMMENT

Thanks I appreciate the compliment. I guess I'm focusing more on what I don't like about them. READ COMMENT

Thank you, very refreshing to hear. I haven't heard that in years. I do worry about my later years though as I know that the face loses even more volume. READ COMMENT

I originally saw her for a nose revision which btw, I'm also not happy with and she talked me into this other stuff. READ COMMENT