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Regret It -Manhattan, NY

She removed too much fat on my upper lids and talked me into a premature facelift at age 29! Upper eyelids were unnecessary too. She made me look bug eyed! I can see if she wanted to tighten them a bit but now when I put eyeshadow on it doesn't look right. I have to work extra hard to make it... READ MORE

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I'm 42, I Show All Kinds if Droopping After I Already Had a Facelift at 29. I Know a Facelift Doesn't Last Forever But? (photo)

...the last thing I expected was to look as if I never had one in the first place and look even worse only 13 years later. Why would my skin do this especially at such an early... READ MORE

What can I do to make my face look more soft and feminine? (Photo)

I feel as if the major problem is my nose. Is there anything else going on here that u can address to tone down the rough edges? Thank you READ MORE

What type of ear surgery can make my ears smaller? Traditional otoplasty is not what I'm looking for. (Photo)

It's a SIZE issue, not sticking out. I know that this problem will get worse as I age. I'm tired of not being able to wear my hair in a cute ponytail like other girls. I feel... READ MORE

How can I finally get a nose that looks appropriate for my face? (photos)

I've had two nose surgeries and it just seems like there isn't enough of a difference. It still seems like my bridge is high, the tip is unrefined, my nostrils dominate my face... READ MORE

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There is an eye surgeon that I was referred to that I'm going to visit soon. I will ask him about sculptra. Thank you very much for the info. READ COMMENT

Thanks I appreciate the compliment. I guess I'm focusing more on what I don't like about them. READ COMMENT

Thank you, very refreshing to hear. I haven't heard that in years. I do worry about my later years though as I know that the face loses even more volume. READ COMMENT

I originally saw her for a nose revision which btw, I'm also not happy with and she talked me into this other stuff. READ COMMENT