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52 Year Old with Beautiful Eyes but Uneven Bags Underneath. - Salinas, CA

I had a doctor who touted himself as an expert in the field of asian blepharoplasty. told me he knew exactlhy what he was doing....i asked him if he could revise a prior surgery where i had residual fat pockets under my eyes and he said he would reposition the fat pads so that it looked smoother... READ MORE

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Lower Blepharoplasty Only? (photo)

I had a lower blepharoplasty and now my eyes are freakishly small...is there anything that can be done....or undone in my case...i still dont know exactly what caused this...... READ MORE

Lower lid catastrophe lower lid surgery only changed my eyes...twice as small? (photo)

An occuplastic surgeon operated on my lower eyelids only.to smooth some extra skin. he ruined my beautiful eys.i look so strange .he told me it is not repairable...i have... READ MORE

Will very agressive massage help stretch overly tightened eyes? i will devote a lot of effort and time if it will help

Eyes made very small with lower eyelid lift.did have big asian eyes. now lifted to high and small READ MORE

Lower lid only bleph with skin pinch lower lid pulled up high, I look strange now it has been 7 months is it irreparable?

Is there any way to repair my lower lids and bring them back to the big beautiful eyes i had pre lower eyelid lift?the black and white photos are the ones my doctor who did the... READ MORE

Is lower bleph to my eyes repairable? Will I ever look the way I used to. Revisional surgery? (photo)

Can anyone help me? A specialist? i went to an occuplastic surgeon to see about having a lower bleph and skin pinch to smooth out fat pads under my eyes,nothing else.as soon as... READ MORE

Fix my undereye bleph. Can anyone fix this? Able to look like I used to? Will time resolve this? (photo)

Been 8 months. Life is falling apart now,no one recognizes me.so sad.can this be fixed...occuplastic surgeon treated my lower bleph like insurance case for graves disease or... READ MORE

Lower bleph gone wrong...can it be repaired?

Lower bleph gone wrong,i dont know what doc did.can it be repaired.eyes twice as small.looks strang,features look two big for face now,all natural beauty gone READ MORE

Repairing lower lids. Pulled up too high. Made eyes small and strange first photos before lower lid. Last 2 are after?

Is there any way to repair my lower lids and bring them back to the big beautiful eyes i had pre lower eyelid lift?the black and white photos are the ones my doctor who did the... READ MORE

I had a lower lid lift feb 19th 2013, can I reverse the procedure? (photo)

I had a lower lid lift and the results are disastrous my surgeon is unresponsive and unwilling to share exactly the procedures he performed on me. my eyes look totally strange.... READ MORE

Can my lower lids be repaired back to the natural curve and what he did to make my lower lids this way? (photo)

I had lower lid surgery a year and a half ago and now look so strange and ugly. the optometrist refuses to say what he did to cause this.could it have been a lid shortening... READ MORE

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I Had a Lower Bleph with Skin Pinch? (photo)

Doctor overcorrected procedure and left me with eyes half the size.they used to be my best feature please advise... realistically can anything be done or am i resigned to... READ MORE

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Oh no sparkling26.im so sorry that has happened to you. i hope dr gutierrez romero can repair it for you,i know what it is like to feel disfigured. READ COMMENT

Wow.what a bitch im so sorry that happened to you. READ COMMENT

Just be careful and if you can ask for references,people you can actually speak to instead of just photos READ COMMENT

Add some photos READ COMMENT

I should have trusted my gut instinct but i leaned on my husband for guidance and he pushed me to go with the person i had doubts about.now i am mutilated and am with someone who is not capable of really loving me but am grateful i have... READ COMMENT