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For me, the lashes have fallen out and I have bald spots. I'm hoping they'll grow back to their pre-Latisse length. Then I'll go back to the Loreal serum. READ COMMENT

At the risk of sounding crazy, have you considered detoxing, going raw/green for a while and honey or honey chamomile drops? READ COMMENT

That makes sense. Brown eyes are beautiful, too, but they're not what you were born with so the shift must be rather disappointing. It's like using a lotion and ending up with a different finger shape. It just isn't the desired effect. READ COMMENT

This happened to me and my friend (not a dr, an esthetician) indicated that this means the product is getting on those areas. Now I'm SUPER careful about where I apply the product and use less of a big drop. The eye redness, dark... READ COMMENT

I'm sorry this happened to you. Years ago, my eyes darkened. They were the same brown as my brother's, but then one day I looked at a photo and noticed they weren't. I kept looking at them in different lighting, but no, they were... READ COMMENT