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You know, you're right. This person posted under Dr. Fisher two or three days ago. At least one of the bad reviews I saw was because the person got their, their hemoglobin level was low and they couldn't have surgery. But I received all... READ COMMENT

Whew, I'm glad you posted because I just read a terrifying review of Dr. Fisher and Vanity. Do you have any before/after pictures? READ COMMENT

Those people are just anchors-- for themselves and others. Ignore her. She was trying to bring you down. If she had the audacity to say that to you out loud, just imagine what she must say to herself in her head. True beauty comes from... READ COMMENT

For me, the lashes have fallen out and I have bald spots. I'm hoping they'll grow back to their pre-Latisse length. Then I'll go back to the Loreal serum. READ COMMENT

At the risk of sounding crazy, have you considered detoxing, going raw/green for a while and honey or honey chamomile drops? READ COMMENT