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A travel card? i've never heard of that. which website? do you mean cosmed or does he have his own website? I did check out cosmed and called them today and dr. q sent me an email back right away. i have to take my photos for the... READ COMMENT

Yes i've read them that's why i've decided to give them a try. so do you need a visa or passport? i've read you don't if it's only a 72 hour stay. READ COMMENT

They pick you up? And take you into Mexico? How does that work? I was wondering do you need a passport or visa? thanks so much for helping so glad i found this thread. I like you want to save in costs and recovery time by getting... READ COMMENT


Wow this is a great job. do you live in Mexico or traveled there? i have a quote 7,700 for bilateral brachio and bilateral mastoplexy. wonder if its worth it for me to travel there? READ COMMENT