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You look great by the way! You were pretty before and prettier after. Also question do the scars go away completely READ COMMENT

Hi thanks for your review. I am in the process of finding a doctor. I try to find people with similar eyes and results that I desire. I have really small eyes that look tired. My hope is that they will be opened and look really bright.... READ COMMENT

Well by looking at the recent picture there is a change in your cheeks but you still have pretty features, eyes, smile etc. I think they should be able to do fillers in your face to get the fullness back. Other than that you are in good... READ COMMENT

As You know you were pretty before and still pretty after. I can understand though wanting to look even better. After seeing all the before and after pics I have realized that I have always had a over bite and never could pin point why... READ COMMENT

You look good both ways but before your face appears slimmer and nose smaller. READ COMMENT