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Thin but Want a Tummy Tuck? - Maine, ME

So I am a 47 year old mom of six kids. I think I look not bad for having six kiddos. But......I've got extra skin from being stretched 6 times, I guess. I work out 6 days a week (cardio kickboxing) and eat very healthy. I've got muscle tone and good core strength, but I don't think anything... READ MORE

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Thin but need a tummy tuck?

Hey, guys! If anyone that knew me even knew I was asking this question, they would think me crazy!  But.......I think I could really benefit from a tt.  Now.....I am... READ MORE

Full tt or mini?

My six kid belly isn't too bad--with clothes on I look great.  But pictures don't lie.  lol.  What I want to know is:  would a mini tummy tuck be enough for... READ MORE

TNS scar repair

Does anyone's doctor recommend TNS scar repair?  My dr. said it significantly improves scarring.  But.....the charge on my bill estimate is like $250!  Wondering... READ MORE

I have a date!!!!

Got the date for my extended tummy tuck with full muscle repair:  Nov. 4th!!!  That is not far away at all.  Now I need to start making lists!  lol. READ MORE

Did anyone not tell ANYone?

Hey, ladies!  I am 47......having a TT with full MR  on Nov. 4th.  I will be telling NO ONE, except my hubby knows, of course.  ;) Anyone else in this boat?... READ MORE

No ice!

So I went out and bought this big ice pack thingy........b/c I remembered using them for my breast aug./lift.  I figured you could put it on your tummy to help pain.......... READ MORE

No lipo girls talk to me!

I am having an extended tummy tuck with full muscle repair, no lipo.  I am thin, so I don't disagree on the no lipo thing.  But I do have some excess skin on my... READ MORE

How to take off temporary tattoo on scar

I  put a temporary tattoo on my tt scar to see what it might look like to get a real one.  Pretty cool.  I looked it up before to make sure it was ok to do at 8... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoo

Has anyone gotten a tattoo to cover up your tt scar?  I don't know how much these types of scars fade away, but I cannot imagine never being able to not see something... READ MORE

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Yes, yoga and the like is good to help me chill. And I know I need the flexibility it can help with. I try.....I really do.....but after like 20 minutes, I can't take it and end up quitting. Sometimes I will force myself to do it on... READ COMMENT

Your workout sounds about like what I try to maintain. Don't manage it every week, but life happens sometimes. I would like to add yoga, but find it so incredibly boring I want to poke my eyes out. lol. I really need to at least add... READ COMMENT

Sorry to hear you are still swelling after workouts, but relieved I am not alone! I didn't wear my Spanx yesterday when I worked out thinking maybe I'm just relying on it and it wouldn't really matter. The swelling was worse than... READ COMMENT

Looking awesome! What are you doing for a workout now? I am alternating weights with aerobics and running........hoping to have your abs soon. I feel like I"m soooo behind with my ab work! READ COMMENT

I still am, but it's much better. Mostly, it is after exercise and pre period now. I wear my binder when I exercise and for about an hour or so after and that seems to get things back to normal sooner. I used to swell the rest of the... READ COMMENT