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Breast reduction plus lipo in the armpit to remove the excess fat over there :)

I am looking for a breast reduction I am currently a 36DD and want to go down to a B. I already seen 2 doctor in my area (Athens) dr. Parker and Pittman and have an apt. with Dr. Whitman in Duluth but just in November then I will make my mind up. So far both told me that the B will be good but... READ MORE

Questions from Bridge34

What is the Difference Between the LeJour Procedure and the Other One?

Two of my friend got the LeJour procedure and they had really good things to say about it. I just want to know the difference.. :) READ MORE

Does It Cost More to Have a LeJour or the Regular Breast Reduction (Size DD) Want a C?

I am 36DD and started looking for a breast reduction my family been finished I want that to be done.. I am tired of having to wear 2 bras to do exercise this is start to be... READ MORE

Will a B or C Will Be Better for Me? How Many Grams He Will Need to Remove to Get What I Want? (photo)

I want to be a firm B or even a little C right now I am a 36DD (what i am wearing of course. thanks for your inputs READ MORE

Go from 36DD (What I Wear) to a B How That Will Look? (photo)

My question says enough. I would like to go from 36DD to a B or C will that look good on me? I had 2 kids my family is done READ MORE

Giving a Price Average over the Phone for Breast Reduction?

I am wondering is that possible for a surgeon to give a price over email for a breast reduction or over the phone if I am not using my health insurance I think that will be... READ MORE

Insurance or cosmetic for breast reduction?

So my question is really simple. my deductible is $5000 then I have a copay of 80/20. I know my insurance is covering it but only in the hospital so far. some doctors told me... READ MORE

Drain not drain, dissolvable stiches?

I met 3 surgeons so far and 2 on 3 are using drains and stiches. on of them doesn't use drain and dissolvables stiches. I am kind of scared because of these 2 things. thanks to... READ MORE

Dealing the cost of a breast reduction?

I am between two surgeons right now one charges me 6850 and the other 6500. I was wondering do you think I could deal little more than that (both will do it in their surgery... READ MORE

Putting ice pack after breast reduction to help with swelling?

I read somewhere to put an ice pack after a breast reduction can help with the swelling. my question is where and how? READ MORE

Lipo on each side of the chest same time of the Breast Reduction?

My surgeon did tell me he will do lipo on each side of my chest at the same time of the breast reduction. My friend told me it does a better job too is that true. and also I... READ MORE

Dermatix Ultra Advanced Scar treatment for scar (silicone gel) after Breast reduction?

A friend of mine used that and she is swearing by it but she is in CAnada so I was wondering which Dermatix is good for scaring after. ther eis the ultra, the regular one so I... READ MORE

The breast size? How do you really measure it?

So my question is really good I think. I am wearing a 36DD but I do think I could use a 34DDD (hard to find anyway) I would like to know how do you really measure them READ MORE

My steri strips were removed by my surgeons 2 days after Breast Reduction. Was this too soon?

My surgeon did remove the steri strips after 2 days of my breast reduction and told me I am ready to leave the scars breathe. I read from other posts that people keep them for... READ MORE

Why does my underarm feel closed off after lipo and breast reduction done together?

So here I am really really happy with the results of my surgery. just one thing about the liposuction done close of my underarm. I have of course swelling over there but I... READ MORE

Splitting incisions. When is it safe?

I do have a question about splitting I am maybe freaking out.. I had my surgery 6 weeks ago everything looks really really good. one still have a little scab where the T... READ MORE

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Breast reduction from DD to C (5 feet 6 inches) 160 lbs

Well I really start thinking about having that surgery for a while but now that my family is done I would like to go with that. I am really scared and I start meeting with... READ MORE

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Love the bras.. you look great :) should you wait before wearing one underwire? READ COMMENT

Btw where did you buy your bikinis? they look so great :) I can`t wait to wear underwire but the dr. said to wait at least 4 months :( READ COMMENT

Hi Sister date :) you look so great :) I will post pictures of mine soon soon :) how was it the first time your bf touched it? My hubby did it yesterday and it was funny because he seems not comfy lol I made fun of him because he did... READ COMMENT

Congrats dear :) what size you were before do you know how many grams she removed? Take it easy and you will see even in a few days you will be better.. and keep taking these pain killer at least 3 days :) READ COMMENT