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Non Ablative Laser with History of Hyper Pigmentation?

Hi! I'm interested in getting non ablative laser treatments and Im concerned because of a history of small, but obvious, side effects from other treatments I've received. More... READ MORE

Alternative to Standard Tummy Tuck? Would Laser Treatments Be Better?

I'm a mother of a beautiful baby boy & have a loose tummy. I'm very petite, 5'2" 110 pounds, small frame, and honestly have been blessed with my mothers good genes, which... READ MORE

I have loose elbow skin. Am I a candidate for an elbow lift?

Hands and elbows apparently show your true age. Mine look much older than I am (I'm 33). I know I can make my hands look better with fillers and possibly IPL laser or... READ MORE

Elbow lift for loose elbow skin?

My hands & elbows look much older than I am (I'm 33). I can make my hands look better w/ fillers & possibly a laser. But that's not enough for the elbows. I also weight... READ MORE

Bad effect from SkinPen treatment? (the same thing as Derma Pen)

I got a SkinPen treatment 6 weeks ago. I was SO excited to get several treatments & improve my skin (wrinkles, texture, pore size). My face swelled up during treatment... READ MORE

Which type of peel is best for pores & wrinkles with sensitive skin?

I'm 33. I got a SkinPen treatment (same as DermaPen) about 7 months ago & was planning on getting a series of them. But after a month, my pores were larger than they were... READ MORE

What other options are there besides Retinol to boost turnover/collagen production?

I don't want to use Retinol because it thins the skin and mine is fairly thin (fair sensitive Irish/sweedish complexion) with pores that are too visible, wrinkles & crepey skin... READ MORE

Best treatment for toddler's scars from biting himself while teething as an infant?

My 3 year old son still has 2 scars on his forearm from when he bit himself really hard when he was a teething baby. (He did some serious biting there for a bit on me too. Lol)... READ MORE

Loose elbow skin treatment options question (Photo)

I'm 33 & naturally thin. I weight train, am working to gain weight/muscle, drink water, exfoliate, eat great. My arms aren't sagging/loose, just my elbows. I saw a procedure... READ MORE

Athlete and rapid recovery Breat Augmentation. Question about surgery timing

I'm naturally thin w/a fast motabolism & eat surplus calories and lift to gain healthy weight (focused on lower body mostly). I am wanting to compete in the future.I had large... READ MORE

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Wait, I hope that doesn't come across the wrong way. What I mean was when I saw your immediate post-op pics, I was trying to visualize what they'd look like once they dropped and without the swelling. I was happy that my guesstimate was... READ COMMENT

Wow!! Awesome job on the updates and the update pics! And I think your size is PERFECT for your body!! When I saw the first post-op pics, I was thinking "uh oh, she might think they're a little too small", but then once they started... READ COMMENT

Hi! I'm glad to hear that you were happy with your treatments! It's been a while, how do you like the results? Do you have before and afters? READ COMMENT

Could you tell us what laser(s) he used on your skin? It's been a couple of years, how do you feel about your results now? READ COMMENT