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Terrified to Go Through with This, but Was Very Impressed with 1st Appt - Mclean, VA

I am 45 years old & my teeth are almost all gone. I currently have no molars, a bridge that is broken & could break off at any moment. I only have 17 teeth left and all are crowned accept three. Three of the 17 are just roots & need to be pulled. I was born in England & for the first 7 years... READ MORE

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By the way zack..... nice choice, I think I will choose Bali in the South Pacific. :) READ COMMENT

Yes we are lucky but I think most people think insurances won't cover implants and that's just not true. As long as this is NOT for cosmetic enhancements and is a medical/dental need because of multiple teeth missing or due to severe... READ COMMENT

Zack..... nope that was all I needed to hear, thank you so very much...I think my blood pressure has finally gone to a normal range. I was just terrified of feeling, hearing or knowing what was happening. You have helped more than... READ COMMENT

Zack.... I did have one question.... they have told me that the medication they will use to sedate me is Propofol, versed and fentenyl, so we're you completely 100% asleep? Did you feel anything or remember anything? I know that... READ COMMENT

Zack..... Thank you very much for your offer of support. This past week has just been nerve altering for me due to fear but after reading of others experiences I'm finding that others didn't have too much pain afterwards and that has... READ COMMENT