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I'm so sorry! I know how you feel. I look ok but I'm miserable. I pray everyday to have my life back! When are they going to out law brow lifts! READ COMMENT

Thank you. Yes. It will take time. Way more time then they told me. It's been 6 months!!! Yes I have been thinking positive. Thank goodness for REAL SELF letting me to vent and get advice! Thank you real self. I can't wait to get back... READ COMMENT

Thank you aida33 for the information. I hope someday all this misery will pay off! READ COMMENT

Did you have the type of brow lift I had? If so what was your recovery time? READ COMMENT

Wait a minute... I have a question. Is an eye brow lift the save as a full brow lift? Is that what you had a full brow lift where they cut the top of head peeled back cutting important nerves to your face. Do you have a numb tightness... READ COMMENT