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Reviews by NIKKI613

Revision Rhinoplasty and Removal of 8 yr old Malar Cheek Implants-Ottawa, ON

Hi everyone, I am scheduled to have a revision rhino and a fat transfer to my cheeks on Oct 23, 2013. I am having lots of last minute hesitations with respect to the fat transfer. I had my cheek implants done when I was 24 and incredibly stupid. Now 7 years later they have shifted slightly and... READ MORE

First and Only Breast Augmentation - Toronto, ON

Dr. Zorn did a great job! I have never had any issues with the procedure and 13 years later they still look incredible and natural. Just to let everyone know, I am not putting pics up, especially because I had the surgery so many years ago. I don't even have before pics. It's been well over... READ MORE

Questions from NIKKI613

Fat Transfer to Cheeks to Correct Asymmetric 7 Yr Old Cheek Implants or Implant Removal in Addition to Fat Transfer/filler?

I had my cheek implants and buccal pad removal done when I was 24. I am now 31 and want a more natural appearance (one implant has shifted slightly creating noticeable... READ MORE

Will scar tissue in cheeks, 2 years after implant removal, effect accuracy or placement of injectable fillers to cheeks? (photo)

2 years ago I had cheek implants removed. After 6 months we began injecting fillers into my cheeks to make up for the lost volume. I look more natural now but it seems as... READ MORE

Is there any way to ensure that a cheek implant will not migrate? (photos)

Two years ago I had my cheek implants removed due to asymmetry. One had migrated to a higher position than the other. Because of the removal, the side on which the implant... READ MORE

I am looking to elongate my chin, would chin implant or sliding genioplasty be better? (Photo)

I have been told by a local PS that it would not be possible to achieve the results I am looking for through a chin implant. I want to add a considerable amount of vertical... READ MORE

How can my lips be fixed? (Photo)

After years if using fillers what can be done to correct my duck/curled lips? I've used articol in the past (years ago) but since then have only used HA fillers. My lips are... READ MORE

Is there anyway to remove scar tissue from cheek area? One eye is shrinking. (photos)

After having my malar cheek implants removed at 31 (2 years ago) after having them in for 9 years, one of my eyes continues to shrink. Now there is a big difference in the size... READ MORE

Cheek implant revision (malar vs sub-malar)? (photos)

Hi, 2 years ago I had malar cheek implants removed due to migration on 1side. The implants were in place for 8 years. I am now 33. My mid face area is sagging/lacking volume in... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

Hi, I'm interested in the BBL procedure. 10 years ago I underwent lower/mid stomach and inner thigh lipo. As you can see, the procedure was done unevenly resulting in a lot of... READ MORE

For fat transfer to face/cheeks, what technique gives best long lasting results? (Photo)

I am considering a fat transfer to my face. 10 years ago I had my buccal fat pads removed and added cheek implants. Now the implants are gone too. I believe the bast way to add... READ MORE

Discussions started by NIKKI613

I am looking for a revision rhinoplasty specialist to fix a crooked nose and tip (Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City)?

After two unsatisfactory rhinoplasties I am looking for a Dr with serious experience. I have been let down before and am determined to find a good Dr this time. It seems every... READ MORE

Looking for an extremely experienced revision rhinoplasty specialist. Looking for recommendations?

I am willing to travel. I had a revision almost two years ago. The results have significantly altered my appearance and I wish I had never went through with the operation. I... READ MORE

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Any pics?? Pics give a review credibility! I'd love to see some as I am considering this treatment. READ COMMENT

So what happened??? Did you have the procedure??? I'm dr shopping for a fat transfer also. Thanks. READ COMMENT

Hi, congrats, your results are awesome! I'm also a sole support parent and know how hard it is to save up for cosmetic procedures. I don't think we have this product in Canada unfortunately. What, if any, are the long term effects of... READ COMMENT

Hey, I'm looking I to your Dr for a revision rhino and submalar cheek imants. I also noticed that his reviews do not contain pics! Can you post some after pics please? I really can tell how successful your results were by the pics you... READ COMMENT