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What Kind of Procedure Will We Better for my Nose? (photo)

As you can see,my nose has no shape at all and its tip is very bulky.Also, it is very broad at the end.I want to reduce the tip size but nothing too drastic.Please tell me what... READ MORE

Is This Nose Job Result Possible? (photo)

I am looking for a nose job to de-bulk my nose tip.It is large and bulbous.I have attached photos here.My nasal skin is kind of oily (especially in morning after i wake up).i... READ MORE

Is Cephalic Trim Sufficient in my Case to Obtain the Desired Results? (photo)

Is cephalic trim sufficient in my case to obtain the desired results???(i have oily nasal skin but i dont know if its thick or thin) READ MORE

How Should Be my Nose Fixed? (photo)

I strongly feel that my nose looks very large and rounded but the remaining portion i.e bridge looks fine .I want to know which procedure would be fine for fixing my nose.I... READ MORE

Is There a Way Cephalic Trim (In Rhinoplasty)can Go Wrong??

Except for pinched nose tip appearance which occurs if too much of cartilage is removes ,what are other complications that can occur due to a cephalic trim procedure in... READ MORE

Fillers or Augmention??

I consulted a rhinoplasty doctor for my bulky nose tip and he said he would define the tip and also "raise " the nose.Cephalic trim for bulbous tip is ok for me but i am scared... READ MORE

Is Any Nostril Work Required Along with a Cephalic Trim?

I have a bulbous nose tip and is considerig a cephalic trim but I am afraid of having an Micheal Jackson look(no offence but i did n't knew how to explain it).So I was... READ MORE