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Best Options for a Small Nose Hump? (photo)

I just turned 14 and I have a bump on my nose, it is small but it is still a bump. The profile bothers me. I never had it before, and I do not have a big nose, it doesn't stick... READ MORE

Injection Nose Job? (photo)

Hi, I am 14 and am horrified of the thought of surgery, I have a thin, slightly upturned nose that has a slight bump on the side profile. I do NOT want to get real surgery... READ MORE

Major Fear of Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I'm a 14 year old perfectionist, I have a very small narrow nose from the front slightly upturned but I have a noticeable bump on the profile. I have asked about injections and... READ MORE

Anesthesia for my Procedure? General vs. IV and Local?

Hi! I am 14 and have been wanting a sloped nose for a while. I have a total fear of blood and doctors and anything that involves poking and prodding I always thought I would... READ MORE

Horrified of my First Surgery, what can I expect? Would being in twilight better?

Hi I am 14 and I am having a nose job. I only need a hump removal the rest of my nose if fine. I have never had surgery and there are major heart problems in my family. I hate... READ MORE

How common is death during Rhinoplasty surgery? (photo)

I am 14 years old and getting a MINOR nose job I am not nervous at all right now but come the day before surgery I know that will totally change I don't care about pain or... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Anxiety- Can anxiety make the surgery more dangerous? (photo)

Hi I'm 14 and getting a MINOR rhinoplasty just to reduce a small bump. I have never had surgery but I am not scared of the pain or results whatsoever. I am only nervous for the... READ MORE

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How old were you? And did you have open or closed, on a scale of one to ten how painful was it? Was this your first surgery? What does anesthesia feel like? Sorry for all the questions lol READ COMMENT

Your nose is PERFECT!! I really want a nose job and I have never had surgery. I get horrified of having my blood taken too! Last time I started crying haha. I just have a major fear of the surgery. I have never been under anesthesia,... READ COMMENT

Dr. Dayan is by far the best, most reliable, and talented of the three. Good luck! READ COMMENT

I am 14 and am having a nose surgery. I have never had surgery before. Is it horrifying? Were you scared? What anesthesia did you have? I am fine with the pain the only thing I am scared about is falling asleep and never waking up again. READ COMMENT

By the way you are stunning. I want a nose job more than anything, I would only need a minor closed one. There is only one thing. I am horrified of the procedure, last time I even had a shot and blood test I started crying and was so... READ COMMENT