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Journey Towards Happiness! - Perth, Australia

This is my first post in the realself community and is hopefully a good way to introduce myself to you all. I'm a 20 year old female living in Perth, Australia. Ever since I started puberty I have been deeply bothered by the bump in the bridge of my nose and most specifically by my bulbous,... READ MORE

Female Early 20s Getting Botox for Premature Wrinkles After Accutane - Perth, AU

At first I was reticent to write this review because I'm young and not in a huge need for Botox, but seeing as there are so few reviews for cosmetic procedures in Perth (Australia) I thought it may be helpful to others. I'm almost 22 but have developed some premature wrinkles. I think I can... READ MORE

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Yay how exciting that it is done! Now for the recovery! How is everything going post-op? Is anyone looking after you? I'm surprised you are allowed to fly so soon after surgery. xx READ COMMENT

Pinkfloss my comment was not directed at you. Also you will notice I never said anything about Dr Imani's qualifications so I hope that comment is not directed at me. READ COMMENT

You are beautiful! So happy I booked Dr G :) READ COMMENT

Exactly where am I bagging Dr Imani? Sorry but that's not what is happening. You will notice I said I don't trust him for my nose, but that's it. I do trust him for other procedures and will happily book into him in the future. I am not... READ COMMENT

Good luck with everything! I truly believe in Dr G and hope you have an excellent experience with him. The reason I chose him in the first place was because I think he is the only surgeon who improves not only the profile but the front... READ COMMENT