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Juvederm Lip Booster - London, UK

I have quite full lips naturally but I felt they were kind of flat and lifeless. I wanted some volume in the centre of both lips and extra volume throughout my top lip. I went for 0.5 ml but was advised to use a bit less than that as it was my first time. The girl was totally right and I'm so... READ MORE

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Amazingly clean breathing immediately after rhinoplasty - is that normal?

I had closed rhinoplasty 6 days ago (infracture and tip refinement). 2 days post surgery my nostrils felt small and suffocating. The surgeon sprayed saline spray up my nostrils... READ MORE

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Experiences of Dr Oelbrandt Anybody??

Hi, Forgive my if I'm posting this in the wrong place or if I'm just not supposed to ask people for experiences of other doctors! I'm keen to have rhinoplasty and,... READ MORE

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Yeah it should help to clear any of the dried blood. If you don't find it too gross I'd recommend using a q tip dipped in hydrogen peroxide (super cheap from a chemist) or saline to pick out any really annoying bits near the opening.... READ COMMENT

I asked Dr O about what to do about my dried blood about 2 days after my op. He told me to sniff a lot of saline up my nostrils (don't blow, only sniff!). It cleared mine up :) READ COMMENT

On some reviews of his previous rhinoplasty patients they all complained about an irregularity on they're nostril, like it was sunken in more on one side. I've realised since that this is more likely to be swelling as the reviews were... READ COMMENT

Mine was £3k. You can definitely get it cheaper elsewhere but when messing with your face I think it's worth stretching the budget to go with someone you trust! Dr Oelbrandt always makes time to see me when possible which is rare for... READ COMMENT

Hey sorry for the late response! I think 0.3ml would be subtle, probably just enough to fill out the fine lines in lips but not really change the shape. A bit like the effect of lip gloss in how it doesn't add dimension but it gives a... READ COMMENT