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I'm on the flat side now! -6 months Post op- New Pics!!!

Okay, so I am starting this journey. Well actually, I started it a while ago, stopped, and now I'm ready to do it for real this time. So many of you have gone through this and it is so encouraging to see all of y'alls transformations! I'm seeing my PS on Monday to set a surgery date and I'm... READ MORE

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What kind of CG (compression garment) did you use/are you using?

Shopping around for the best one.  What CG did you use or what have you bought to use?  What price range was it in? READ MORE

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Just got to catch up on your story. You look amazing! How wonderful you must feel! I have also had incision issues with my TT, so I understand. I am 3 months PO and still have a few spots that bother me. But it does not make me regret... READ COMMENT

My goodness! You are looking FABULOUS! I am having the same issue with my sides not beind the same. I have a love handle on my left side but my right is fine. It's annoying, but I'll take it any day over what I had before! I am going... READ COMMENT

Wow, crazy! I am 11 weeks now and just had that happen. I too thought I was past all that kind of stuff. Glad to hear it's healing. You look amazing! READ COMMENT

Thank you! I think I was walking straightish around 3-4 weeks, at least I felt straight. I don't think I was actually straight until around 6 weeks. It's a long recovery, but so worth it. Patience is key. Don't overdo it. You are... READ COMMENT

You look SO GOOD! I keep watching your progress thinking, "That will be me in a few weeks!" (you are about 3 weeks ahead of me). I was so excited about getting a new outfit for Christmas parties too! Feels so good to not have to hide... READ COMMENT