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Please Tell Me This Gets Better...- Houston, TX

Had medial thigh lift (in groin) 7 days ago with lipo. my feelings are up and down. The fat rolls between my legs are gone but my thighs are sooooo swollen I can hardley walk and when I do walk, they rub together leaving pink on my skin. its so numb, i cant feel a thing. I can stand and lay, but... READ MORE

Bracioplasty - Houston, TX

Had bracioplasty on 5-1-13. I am now 4 months out and still pretty sensitive. The scar goes from armpit to elbow and have to Say takes some getting use to. I still wear the compressions whenI know I will be over using (ie: cleaning house) to help with swelling. The scars are still red and... READ MORE

Questions from mrs.impatient

I Had a Medial Thigh Lift on Sept.4th. (Groin) at What Point Will the Swelling Subside?

I can see the fatty rolls are gone but my thighs are pink on inside from rubbing when i walk. i feel like there are huge boulder rocks in each thigh. i am moving as much as... READ MORE

How Long Will Arms Stay Swollen After Bracioplasty?

Its been 4 months. the arms look great but they are still swollen and tender to the touch. i can feel when they are swelling and getting tight. especially with temperature... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use a Skin Bleacher/skin Whitener on Bracioplasty Scars? I Think Its Called Hydroquinone.

Had bracioplasty 5 months ago. Am using kelocote and vitamin e oil daily. Still have substancial swelling in arms and scars are red. That's why I am asking about the whitener. READ MORE

Has anyone with a arm lift had this problem? (photo)

I had arm lift 6 months ago and although Iove the way they look, I still have swelling. Its bad enough that when i bend my elbow you can see a crease In my upper arm. When my... READ MORE

Is there a way to know if the swelling is completely gone? (photo)

I had a medial thigh lift in the beginning of september. how do you know when the swelling is completely gone. I go about my daily activities but my inner thighs are very sore... READ MORE

Would lipo make the banding/crease go away? will it make my arms sag? (Photo)

It has been a year since my arm lift and i still have the banding/crease issue. i would like your opionions on how to correct this. i have a good shape and definition in both... READ MORE

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I have to have it redone because my body rejected the stitches and when all the swelling when away it left my legs saggy. So now he will be doing about a 3" cut down my legs to cut away my saggy fat rolls. Other than that I am happy... READ COMMENT

Wow! I just read your story and I feel so bad that you've had to go through all of this. I must say that it doesn't surprise me that your PS has turned on you and for that alone there would be no way in hell I would let her touch me for... READ COMMENT

I don't have any before pics and Honestly I have to muster up the courage to put after pics on here. I spent alota lot of $ to have this done and all the pain now to have to have it redone. I'm not a happy camper right now. I see him... READ COMMENT

My doctor said he could lipo but I'm afraid to do that because my arms are nice and tight. And then other doctors say give it more time. So idk...smh READ COMMENT

I am in the same boat as you. this was my 1st PS experience also. i had a tummy tuck that im happy with except for the scar is too high. and now my skin is so tight i cant have the scar lowered. i had a arm lift, again im happy with... READ COMMENT