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Documenting my Tattoo Removal Using the Alex Tri Vantage - Toronto, ON

I Feel it's important to share my experience with tattoo laser removal to help others. My tattoo is 6x12 upper back. It is a cover up, however the tattoo before was very small light circles down my spine , the majority of the tattoo being removed is the cover up. I have had 1 treatment Sept 7... READ MORE

A Long Long Time Ago...I Can Still Remember.....Winnipeg, MB

How that surgery made me cry. And I knew that if I had my chance that I would feel better in my pants and maybe I could be happy all the while. But February made me shiver... when I thought about those scissors....ok... enough of the Don McLean American Pie parody, here is my story: After my... READ MORE

At Home Glycolic Acid Peel 40%

I am starting to document my Glycolic Peel to see if I have any improvement in my skin. I have rolling and pitted acne scars and I am treating some wrinkles on my forehead. I have had this product for a few months and have used it on and off but have not been consistent with it, so today I... READ MORE

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Oh good, I look forward to hearing how it goes :)  READ COMMENT

That's interesting, actually I have noticed this happening with the epliator as well. You should post a question to the doctors, it would be interesting to know why this may be happening, here is a link for you. READ COMMENT

Oh...I bet the inside of the arm would hurt, I can only I image - sounds like you handled it well. It's amazing what we can tolerate if we focus on something else. I used to take my mala beads with me and count them while being lasered,... READ COMMENT

This is the way I see it... be happy with how much it has faded, because remember you were doubting that laser removal would work because of all the color...but as you can see, it is indeed working—and as you continue with your... READ COMMENT

Sorry you're not happy with your cover up sassyh13 - have you started tattoo removal yet? READ COMMENT