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Documenting my Tattoo Removal Using the Alex Tri Vantage - Toronto, ON

I Feel it's important to share my experience with tattoo laser removal to help others. My tattoo is 6x12 upper back. It is a cover up, however the tattoo before was very small light circles down my spine , the majority of the tattoo being removed is the cover up. I have had 1 treatment Sept 7... READ MORE

A Long Long Time Ago...I Can Still Remember.....Winnipeg, MB

How that surgery made me cry. And I knew that if I had my chance that I would feel better in my pants and maybe I could be happy all the while. But February made me shiver... when I thought about those scissors....ok... enough of the Don McLean American Pie parody, here is my story: After my... READ MORE

At Home Glycolic Acid Peel 40%

I am starting to document my Glycolic Peel to see if I have any improvement in my skin. I have rolling and pitted acne scars and I am treating some wrinkles on my forehead. I have had this product for a few months and have used it on and off but have not been consistent with it, so today I... READ MORE

Not The Solution For My Acne

I used ProActiv for 3 months and did not experience any dramatic results. I did see a slight improvement here and there, but nothing significant enough to continue using it. I will say however that I was battling cystic acne, and I don't feel Proactiv is the solution for that type of acne, at... READ MORE

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Hi Rebecca, thanks so much for your comment. I am pretty happy, I love my phoenix and the fact that she fixed the lotus rather than covering it -- I just wish the lotus would hold the ink better, but it looks really faded -- oh well, I... READ COMMENT

Hi oliviathewolfe, sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with your tattoo, I can relate to how frustrating it feels to go to an extremely talented artist and be disappointed with their work. The guy I saw had a terrific portfolio,... READ COMMENT

Sats, look us the benefits of taking MSM - I use it daily and it's great for the skin. READ COMMENT

I am jumping in here before this conversation goes sideways - I know it can be tempting to get caught up on who's right or wrong with another individual but I am going to ask that everyone sticks to only stating their general opinion... READ COMMENT