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pec implent that dont look well, and i wait if the doctor will fix it

Pec implent, Unfortunately the doctor have no exprince on this, he put me big implent that Made me a lot of crazy pain for1 year, and hi put them in bad posision, and it was look very bad after i wait 6 month with crazy endless pain he fix it, make it look better but still to big and i have pain... READ MORE

Questions from linkhunts

Chest Implant for Man? (photo)

I did manchest implent surgery, doctor made ​​only ten such operations My question is, on one side of the implant sits well, but on the other hand is too high and stuck in... READ MORE

6 months post op, chest implants and they're not sitting well. Is this normal?

I did it with doctor that have a litle Experience on this in the start he put them not in the place or not in same high after he fix them i have other Problem second whan i... READ MORE

Do my chest implants look bad? (photo)

Im year after chest implent when i Lying down the implent most of the implent Falls from the Muscle to the armpit or when i up my hands or move them the implents move as well... READ MORE

I have a pec Implant. I am feeling pain and the implant don't set well. Is this normal? (photos)

I have pec implent , the doctor put me big implent that stick me in the musle and the armpit and its also get out from the musle and its not enturly under the musle, when i... READ MORE

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Also tip i can give u if u take more big implant its ok but u must see the doctor will not put u to wide implant and u need to see he cut u the Edges of the big implant that it will not stick u in the armpit because the implant is... READ COMMENT

Hi bro, I understand what u say and its ok I will revel mybethe doctor name later for now I don't want to do it yet i don't want to fear anyone i just say that tip of mine if someone do this the pec implant my tip to go only to good... READ COMMENT

For now I will not Reveal where and how the doctor mybe later but the doctor make it very very bad to match big bad pocket its fall down from the pocket if I left my heand the doctor did mybe a few Surgical like this but he told he pro... READ COMMENT

Hi thank u for your support the doctor agree to cut me in one side the Edges of the implent that stick me in the armpit over a year its a big pain, but he don't want to fix me the implent pocket and to pot the implent in the pocket and... READ COMMENT