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Dr. John Lomonaco - Yes, He REALLY is That Good... - Houston, TX

This is kind of a delayed review, but I feel the need to do it... After massive weight loss, I researched for over 2 years on who to have complete my body contouring. My story is a bit different; my husband's first wife passed after a very common procedure (not plastics), so I was going to do... READ MORE

Dr. Angela Sturm O'Brien - Fantastic Facial Plastic Surgeon - Houston, TX

Look to the ears, ladies...and gentlemen! I read somewhere to judge the skills of a facial plastic surgeon by how your ears look after surgery. My incisions were virtually undetectable after surgery and by 2 weeks out I could wear a ponytail. No one in my family knows that I had the facelift..... READ MORE

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You're looking great. You'll soon be able to smile and laugh fully without it feeling weird. I was chuckling at your SARS comment. I used to only wear sunscreen when out walking with my husband (we usually walk 20-30 miles a week).... READ COMMENT

Thank you for that info. I'm really careful to brush it along my top lashes, above the lashes and not to drip it in the eyes. I've used it for about 4 years without problems, but I will keep a watch out for any changes. My dermatologist... READ COMMENT

Oh,'ll love it. My tips... Don't use the applicator they give with it; it soaks up too much and it gets wasted. Get the tiniest eyeshadow makeup brush...Mac has a nice one. Put a drop of the Latisse on the outside cap... READ COMMENT

You look sooo good. Have you tried Latisse for eyelashes? I love it. I used to use extensions, but it's so nice having my own lashes. After I used it for a month or so, my daughter actually tugged at my lashes in church (yes, please... READ COMMENT

Gah...I can't find any pics to post. I always deleted ones I hated...and kept the ones that had hair covering the area or blocked by others. Sorry. READ COMMENT