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Laser Skin Resurfacing, Acne Scars, Co2 Laser, Pre Treatment, Results of Inquiries - Lafayette, La

Below is what I have found out so far when I inquired about which laser services (for acne scars) are provided from each doctor/ medi spa in Lafayette, La. Most tried to book me for a consultation and were reluctant to tell me what lasers they even use. Obviously I can't afford to pay over a... READ MORE

(At Home) Derma Roller for Acne Scarring, Female, Age 31, Light Olive Skin

I am writing to review my experience with derma rolling at home.I have light olive skin, female, age 31.I don't have wrinkles, I have some very faint fine lines but these are not my main concern, I roll for acne scarring improvement. I have some moderate acne scarring that needs attention while... READ MORE

Acne Scars Laser Co2 Total FX

I have scheduled to have laser resurfacing (Total FX) for moderate acne scarring, mostly on my cheeks. I am female, age 31 with pale skin that tans fairly easily but have not had any tan in several years. I decided to go with Dr. Duplechain in Lafayette,La after doing a little research. As of... READ MORE

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Is it better to get Latisse or eyelash extensions?

Do you think it'ss better to get Latisse or eyelash extensions? Also I am seeing the average cost of $125- Is that the total cost, the cost of the dr visit, or the cost of the... READ MORE

Pixel or Total Fx – which is better?

Which is better, Pixel or Total Fx ? Which penetrates deeper? Which yields more dramatic results? READ MORE

Can you stay awake for Total FX laser resurfacing?

Can you stay awake for specifically total fx and just have topical anesthesia/ numbing shots etc instead of being put under? or would it be too much pain to take? Thanks READ MORE

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Hi again. I went ahead and found my box for my roller so I could tell you which one I use. The one I have is called the MT roller- I am attaching a photo of what it looks like. This is a stock photo though but mine looks just like this... READ COMMENT

Oh the derma roller came from eBay, it was under $7, I don't think I'm allowed to post a link but it was the clear and light blue green roller. READ COMMENT

Eva, my skin has a little residual hyperpigmentation from the laser. Some days it's not really red and others it is more so. Usually after I wash and dry my face with a towel it's a little red. But the redness from the rolling, for me... READ COMMENT

Hi Eva. The photos (after) were taken almost four weeks out from rolling. The retin a, I had used for a month or so prior to my laser treatment, then I had stopped using it completely. I started back up using it a little over a month ago. READ COMMENT

I do the derma roller to myself, if you have the money I would recommend getting laser. If not, I would say maybe go to a different doctor for one derma rolling session just so you can see how it works and how much pressure to apply,... READ COMMENT