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Facelift and Eye Surgery - Waldorf, MD

This doctor transferred fat unevenly to my cheeks. One side was severely lopsided causing my mouth to be crooked. He caused ectropion of both eyes and removed too much skin from my upper eye lids. The lack of skin on my upper lids prevented me from being able to shut my eyes completely or... READ MORE

Instant Results with No Downtime - Chevy Chase, MD

My goal is to stay looking good for my age. I want to maintain a natural looking result for as long as possible. I understand that I will eventually need a traditional facelift, but for now, I am satisfied with having a liquid facelift. The great thing about a liquid facelift is the instant... READ MORE

Youthful Look Returned in Minutes. Chevy Chase, MD

I am not yet a good candidate for a second facelift, but I am starting to look old again. Instead of doing nothing about it except watching my face age, I decided to turn to the non-surgical options available today. I maintain my youthful appearance by seeing Dr. West every 3 months. As... READ MORE

Questions from 301Linda

Does a person have to stop using Botox and fillers before they seek a facelift consultation?

If yes, how long should they stop using fillers and Botox before the consultation? READ MORE

What could cause lumpiness (wave-like appearance) around the lower cheeks and chin area?

I am 59 years old. I 've had 3 facelifts. The last one done in 2006. Recently, I 've developed a lumpiness (wavelike) appearance that surrounds my chin and lower cheek areas.... READ MORE

Can multiple facelifts damage the underlying skin enough to cause permanent rippling?

I am 59 years old. After having 3 facelifts during my lifetime, the skin around my lower cheeks and chin area is now starting to look wavy (lumpy). Could this be caused by... READ MORE

Will plastic surgeons still perform a facelift and liposuction on a person who has had a thyroidectomy?

I recently learned I might need a thyroidectomy. I've been planning to have a facelift and liposuction on several places of my body in the near future. Will plastic surgeons... READ MORE

Do older women (60+) who have facelifts still need dermal filler injections after the surgery?

I am 60 years old and have dermal filler injections as needed. I am planning on having a facelift and wonder if I will still need to have these injections after the surgery. READ MORE

Can liposuction be performed on the front and back of the thighs with good results?

If yes, what technique works best for these two areas? I've been told by two plastic surgeons that liposuction cannot be done on the front or back of the thighs? READ MORE

Should I seek a doctor who specializes in revision facelifts since I had 1 done in 7 years, and I now need another to look good?

I am 60 years old. I am interested in having another facelift because I am starting to look old again. Should I seek a plastic surgeon that specializes in revision facelifts or... READ MORE

Can a person still have plastic surgery if she has osteoporosis?

I have recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis. Will this prevent me from have a facelift or liposuction in the future? READ MORE

Is it better for someone to have PRK for a LASIK enhancement if they developed dry eyes from the original LASIK surgery?

I had LASIK monovision surgery in 2004 when I was 49 years old. I am now 60, and my dominant eye (right) no longer sees distance well, and my left eye no longer sees up close... READ MORE

How safe is it to have long-term maintenance injections of Dysport?

Every 3 months, I receive Dysport injections for crow’s feet, bunny lines, neck bands, brow wrinkles, and in the chin area. Could these injections eventually build up in my... READ MORE

What can I expect from lower eyelid grafting? Will it be that noticeable after it heals completely?

I had upper and lower eyelid surgery in 1994. Since that time, I've been suffering with severe dry eyes from ectropion. I've had several surgeries to fix this issue by 3... READ MORE

Do the final results of Smart Lipo really take 6 months to show?

I had Smart Lipo on my arms two months ago at the age of 61 (female). Currently, my right arm has a lot of loose skin, and my left arm has loose skin and some lumps. I am... READ MORE

Discussions started by 301Linda

Is the expiration date listed on Renova and Tazorac tubes referring to the unopened tube or for an opened tube?

I just purchased a 60 gram tube of Tazorac for $662.00. The expiration date on it is for July 2017. Does this expiration date mean for the opened tube or the unopened tube? READ MORE

Has any women over 60 had good results from Smart Lipo on the upper arms?

I had mine done at 61.  It has been nearly two months since the surgery, and my right arms is flabby and my left has lumps.  My surgeon says it takes 6 months to... READ MORE

Recent comments from 301Linda

Happy New Year to you too. I agree with you. I keep waiting for myself to accept the physical flaws I have. Maybe, these upcoming two surgeries (TT and lipo of the arms) will help me do just that. READ COMMENT

I am scheduled for a mini TT and lipo of the arms on January 15th. READ COMMENT

I had a few sessions at which Dr. West injected dermal fillers Juvederm, Perlane, Sculptra, and Restylane depending on the areas that needed volume. I also had Botox injected for crow’s feet, bunny and brow wrinkles. The longer you... READ COMMENT