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I Did It!! - Saint Louis, MO

I had a wonderful experience and I'm two days post-op and having no problems. Yes it hurts, but it's going to be wonderful when the swelling goes down. I wanted to be rid of my turkey neck and my deep naso-labial folds. I'm healing incredibly well (because I am doing EXACTLY what Dr. Scheu... READ MORE

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NO NO NO!!!! Wear it for 30 days at night and as much as possible during the day--cover it with a scarf--and wear it as snug as you can. It compresses the tissue an keep serous fluid from forming and helps to prevent scar tissue. It... READ COMMENT

Relax, you're going to be fine. Click on your profile and then you can add pictures. I'm getting ready to add pictures as my LSL is 11 months old and I couldn't be happier, but the first 7-10 days are BRUTAL and scary but you'll be OK... READ COMMENT

It's just swelling, some people swell more than others. Your doctor might give you a diuretic (Lasix? Triamterine?) if it's really bad. Don't eat anything with salt--NOTHING--it will help more than you think and push fluids to help... READ COMMENT

You will be fine. Swelling is almost always a little asymetrical and if you had something salty and slept with one side of your face down, the fluid shift. WEAR YOUR COMPRESSION BANDAGE 24/7 FOR BEST RESULT--IT WAS THE BEST THING I DID... READ COMMENT

Very easy. My ears were sore for a while, but that's normal. Dr. Scheu did a great job and I'm still thrilled with the results, I look mid-40s instead of the mid-50s which I really am! I can't say enough nice things about LL or Dr.... READ COMMENT