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My tattoo removal journey - Cardiff

Hi all, My name is Chad, and I'm a 22-year-old from Cardiff, Wales, UK. I've been going through laser tattoo removal for almost a year now, and I've gotten a lot of comfort from following your stories on here. In return, I now feel it's time to share my own story. I have two tattoos; one is... READ MORE

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Red/pink/purple scars? How to return to normal colour? (Photo)

I've been undergoing laser tattoo removal but I burnt quite bad after a treatment and blistered very badly. Ever since the skin has been pink, sometimes purple. I am desperate... READ MORE

Will an already treated black tattoo fade faster with Picosure? (photo)

I've had 14 q-switch treatments on my tattoo which is all black, and I have decided to take the plunge and try Picosure next month. My tattoo began as a jet black, dense colour... READ MORE

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I think all the above points given by your clinic are true, except that it will be removed in 4-6 treatments. I've now had 15 treatments and I'm gradually getting there, but the tattoo had barely changed after six treatments, so I think... READ COMMENT

I second what Eva said; what a great tattoo. But it's what you think that counts. It took me a few months to realise that I hated my tattoo (and for many people it takes years), but it has been less than a week since you had yours. It... READ COMMENT

Hi Amy. The redness is still there unfortunately. It tends to come and go whenever it wants. There was minimal redness in the photos on this update so it does look pretty good. When the redness disappears the tattoo is a faint grey and... READ COMMENT

Hey there. Removal is painful to begin with as there is so much ink in the body. Each treatment becomes less painful as there is less ink to react, and after a while it becomes very easy to cope with. As the stomach is such a tender... READ COMMENT

You're right mate, Picosure is still very effective on black. I'm not sure if it's as effective in the later stages though when the ink becomes difficult to pick up. I think it's an excellent way to speed up the process and it will help... READ COMMENT