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Reviews by Krystal

Juvederm is Great! However, the Outcome Depends Upon the Person Injecting It!

I went into Dr. office for Juvederm under my eyes to fill in any hollows. The workers in the office said that the doctor's patients just "love the results" of Juvederm. I told him exactly what i wanted done, just smooth out the hollows, that is it! When he came after me with that needle,... READ MORE

Love Botox - Metairie, LA

Got Botox 3 times since 2006. It can last about 8 months or so. I notice that the more I get it, the less i need it because it causes my muscles to stop wrinkling my skin, and over time my skin looks smoother and smoother. It is a great investment! I am in 40's but people guess me to be 25.... READ MORE

Fraxel a Waste of Time and Money

I swelled badly for the first 5 days, then by 7 days, my skin looked great! scars were faded, pores reduced, etc. Then by 21 days after the peeling was done, i looked the way I did before I even had Fraxel. They say I need more fraxel treatments, but why can't I see a difference after the... READ MORE

Questions from Krystal

Does Vitrase Remove Native HA?

Why do some doctors say that Vitrase will not remove native hyaluronic acid (HA), yet others would say it will? Which is valid? READ MORE