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My Doctor wants me to bring in pics - Pearl River, NY

My dr wants me to bring in pics of what look ' im going for' and this site will not allow a copy paste of a print of any pics !!! ughh very upsetI got a very great dr and im excited only he is insisting on an incision I am uncomfortable with. ive already paid in full to be sure I get my date.... READ MORE

Having One Syringe - Pearl River, NY

Do you think this ( one syringe) will be enough?? id like to really plump my lips. I feel like my upper so much smaller so, i want your opinion for a sexy look dr.s :) friends....all comments very welcomed ... adding pics now...a dded this thing wants me to say more but I dont know what to say... READ MORE

Questions from Jessica Brentwood ny

Is There a Procedure to Enhance the Puffiness of my Vaginal Lips? (photo)

Ive had 5 vag births and my muscle tone gspot everything is fine barely ripped one stitch..everything is fine to me i still have great orgasms w my great man lol.. but im just... READ MORE

Gummy/round textured from b to d or dd. My breast look great for nursing 4 kids? (photo)

I just had my first consult dr said home run. I want it placed through the nipple. DR & I are clear on submuscular but NOT how its going in. I would really like my feelings... READ MORE

Filling my vagina lips, breast gummy implants & restylane for lips same date? (photo)

(some didnt know what i mean) so i guess here goes photos lol) i want my outer lips thickened, permenantly filled with (?) nothing else im very happy with my vaj so is my man..... READ MORE

iIhave a massy circular 'thing' that pops back up after Breast Augmentation? (Photos)

I have 440cc hp sub muscle crease incision. I didnt feel this due to the stitches being there but on my right breast underneath i can pop this back into place it feels...... READ MORE

What is your procedure after a B/A & What Medications do you provide for healing & Post Op? (Photo)

What is your procedure after a B/A , such as wrapping and after care to tell the patient before leaving your office? & What Medications DO YOU provide for healing & Post Op ?... READ MORE

How do I increase the fullness of my outer lips?

I have had 5 V-births & the outside appearance is looking like tissue loss in the OUTER lips leaving them thinner & close together when i stand up. so im looking wider on top... READ MORE

How many procedures will it take for me to achieve my wish pic? (photos)

 Be Honest...How many procedures and which for a BBL do you think I would I need to get from me PIC A to PIC B my wish pic? Costs? READ MORE

Why wasn't I wrapped tighter immediately following BA surgery?

I awoke from surgery with only my not so supportive sports bra (I wasn't told to get a specific kind) I thought I was going to be wrapped up for weeks lol.. So What would be... READ MORE

Quote for 3 syringes of Restylane or Juvederm for Lips, in NY (Photo)

I had one syringe of Restylane in December and it didn't last long and made barely any change if any difference at all ! I question that the dr even did it as I was asleep... READ MORE

Liposuction : If you gain weight, can it come back unevenly distributed? True or false?


Is it possible to perform a Full Tummy Tuck with minimal scarring under my hip bones? (photos)

I wear low rise jeans and i'm doing research only to see a lot of scarring... alot above the hip bones. I wear very lowrise jeans and bikini's , I heal very well . READ MORE

Full Tummy Tuck. What is involved? (Photo)

Tummy Tuck...What is typically involved? Is reconstructing the Ab muscles part of procedure? is it possible not to do anything to my Ab muscles? Im pretty muscular underneath... READ MORE

Can you give me some advice on tummy tuck after care? (Photo)

Materials I should Buy , what do you recommend? Vitamins foods... Im preparing now any advice is much appreciated :) READ MORE

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I dont see any after pictures? did you get bad results ? im sorry you had to go through all of this but thank you for sharing I most def will not pick her!! READ COMMENT

I dont think you need a tummy tuck how bout BBL & lift w Implants and robles is not so expensive... im confused... wait this was two years ago LOL READ COMMENT

Your results are terrific! I came on realself to find a Tummy Tuck surgeon and I am in NY ok... I came across two surgeons so far, one who commented on one of my questions , Theyre both from out of the country DR & Tijuana Mexico ... Im... READ COMMENT

Do you know if she takes Care Credit? My US Care Credit ? If so Im ready to book with her...I have seen amazing results on her site and here on Realself expedia has cheap round trip air & Hotel tickets also !! READ COMMENT

Awesome girl. very awesome results !!!! I want to go to Tijuana !! that dlls ?? does that mean USD? READ COMMENT