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First Time Getting Zapped, Nervous and Unsettling Feeling - Richmond, VA

So ive been getting tattooed for many years, im 25 now and have accumulated many tats. if i could remove every tattoo on my body i would in a instant, so much changes from 18-25.. and what the general population thinks is good tattooing really isn't, and i just recently understood what good art... READ MORE

Questions from falco4758

First laser session in two days, Sleeve Tattoo? (photo)

So I started my new sleeve with the wrong artist, I very luckily realized this one the second sitting only 4 hours of work in.its all black and grey wash with barely and... READ MORE

Switching to picosure from q switch. Will it be less effective?

I have had 5 sessions on my tattoos with the q switch but need my tattoo faded enough by october so i am going to try the picosure. will it be less effective since i've already... READ MORE

After my sixth session left with pinkish skin from scars, will they go away? (photos)

I just finished my 6th session on my tattoo. Unfortunately after this one I got pin point bleeding, which led to scabs and than pinkish skin.Did this come from the tech turning... READ MORE

My whole life my left nostril has always been extremely small. Can this be fixed? This is affecting my breathing. (Photo)

I'm realizing this is affecting m breathing. At night I always sleep with my mouth open becuuse I can't get enough air just through my nose.you can't notice from looking at me... READ MORE