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Reviews by Giesela

58 Yrs Old, 5’4”, 215 Lbs, 42H/I, Surgery 16 Jan 2015 - Kettering, Ohio

My perspective is very similar to other ladies here, but also a little different because of my age. Like many I have wanted a reduction for years. Back in the day insurance was more restrictive, far more policies had exclusions than now and so I never even bothering talking to a PS about it. ... READ MORE

Questions from Giesela

I want a shorter surgery, fewer stitches and smaller breasts than a pedicle procedure will allow: Do I have to keep my nipples?

I want a shorter surgery, fewer stitches, easier recovery and smaller breasts than a pedicle procedure will allow. I know I know. But at 60 I just don't care about them anymore... READ MORE

Would it be cautionary to wear some mild compression socks after Breast Reduction surgery for blood clot?

I'm 58, overweight, anticipating a breast reduction. When telling my sister some of my fears she said I should be worrying more about throwing a clot. Some people wear... READ MORE

What are some post surgery restrictions with time lines?

Please give some general guidelines for reference in case you get confused and planning. Don't lift X lbs for the X days, then... Don't raise your arms X much for X days Change... READ MORE

NAC issues; Pedicle/Lollipop vs. FNG and a couple of other questions

(1) What are the statistics regarding NAC tissue death or tissue issues for Pedicle/Lollipop and FNG? Do not include issues like nipple senstivity, assuming healthy individual,... READ MORE

What is this pain blocker in the armpit my surgeon is going to give me?

During my pre-op my surgeon said he had started using a pain medicine/pain blocker of somesort that he puts in the armpit and will last 3 to 4 days. So I won't have to even... READ MORE

Free nipple graft; healing and results

How does a FNG differ in terms of healing, resulting breast shape and any other diffetences? (Yes I know they are not considered necessary except extreme cases) READ MORE

Discussions started by Giesela

Stitch types and gapping, poking

I have wanted a BR for a long time and at 60 its getting to be now or never.  I've been reading online and see a fair number of women have irritation/pain by stitches that... READ MORE

Breast Reduction: age 58, 5.4 1/2", 235 lbs., bigger than my 42H bra; my first consult - this is what was said

I went and saw a Dr. today just to see what he would say.  So the Dr. I saw today said 1. I won the biggest boobs  this month award 2. That he would not be... READ MORE

Breast Reduciton if you live alone, how to prepare

I live far away from family and don't have friends that I would or can rely on for help like this, at least not much more than say dropping some medicine or groceries off or... READ MORE

Post op - can you open a refrigerator? And other questions

Anyone please feel free to add questions.  Since I live alone I wonder what I'll actually be able to do.  If not the day after, what day barring complications? ... READ MORE

To those of you who experienced hematoma's, seroma's etc. How did you know?

I was recently reading through some of the different months and saw that a couple of people in Oct and Nov suffered hematoma's and had to go back in post haste. How do people... READ MORE

Bra's: Post surgery bra discussion/questions

I found an older thread and have read lots of posts but still have some questions.  I'd love this to be a thread that people can refer to in the future.  I think I... READ MORE

Free Nipple Graft experiences and results?

I am 8 days post op FNG and am wondering about others results and experiences?  Surgery was less than 3 hrs, just shy of 7 lbs removed.  Early recovery range of... READ MORE

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Tomorrow starts the beginning of a life of a new kind of freedom. Thinking of you. READ COMMENT

I can related, its like......I'm just over it. Want it to be normal, no being careful, no worrying. When are these going to be done? IDK, the pictures you posted on your review so far I thought looked great, way better than mine.... READ COMMENT

Just got back from the store and bought a JMS genie sort of bra that has hooks in the back. Not sure it has the support your wonder bra does or whether it fits yet. Bought a couple of other sort of regular bras to try on to get a sense... READ COMMENT

Its so weird, I don't think you can get this in the US. Only place I found I could get it is on ebay. READ COMMENT

Yea, I think that first day can be deceiving:) Rest and heal well. READ COMMENT