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I want a shorter surgery, fewer stitches and smaller breasts than a pedicle procedure will allow: Do I have to keep my nipples?

I want a shorter surgery, fewer stitches, easier recovery and smaller breasts than a pedicle procedure will allow. I know I know. But at 60 I just don't care about them anymore... READ MORE

Would it be cautionary to wear some mild compression socks after Breast Reduction surgery for blood clot?

I'm 58, overweight, anticipating a breast reduction. When telling my sister some of my fears she said I should be worrying more about throwing a clot. Some people wear... READ MORE

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Stitch types and gapping, poking

I have wanted a BR for a long time and at 60 its getting to be now or never.  I've been reading online and see a fair number of women have irritation/pain by stitches that... READ MORE

Breast Reduction: age 58, 5.4 1/2", 235 lbs., bigger than my 42H bra; my first consult - this is what was said

I went and saw a Dr. today just to see what he would say.  So the Dr. I saw today said 1. I won the biggest boobs  this month award 2. That he would not be... READ MORE

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I'm about your size but 58 and have mine scheduled for Jan 2015. I've always wanted small breasts and have always had large ones. As I got older and went through menopause they got ginormous. I find myself slumping, its a lot of work... READ COMMENT

Oh no! Your reduction looks so good too. So an infection occurred 20 days post-op. Sort of scary. I just scheduled my surgery yesterday for Jan 16. Terrified:) Hoping your infection resolves itself quickly! READ COMMENT

Thanks for the follow up. Sounds like everything healed well which is a blessing. The dog ear and inverted nipple are a disappointment I'm sure but that can be fixed eventually. The size, yea that would be hard to live with but I get... READ COMMENT

Good news. So was that suture thing what they call spitting? Reminds me, I wanted to call the office and see if they got my request submitted to insurance so I can figure when I'll get a response. READ COMMENT

I will probably have close to 1000 removed. I told my Dr. to go ahead with an FNG. I want to go small, in several consults several Dr.s wouldn't go as small with a pedicle. Good healing to you all! READ COMMENT