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Will Liposuction Cause Loose Skin on Abdomen with a Lot of Fat?

I had 5 kids and I have a belly but it's not sagging, my skin is kind of tight but I have a belly. I don't want a tummy tuck so is Liposuction enough? Will I have loose skin... READ MORE

Scar Cream for Tummy Tuck Scar?

What is the most effective scar cream to apply on a tummy tuck scar so it would heal better? READ MORE

I Was Told That a Mini Tuck is a Gimmick . Is That True? I Really Don't Want a Full Tummy Tuck.

I went in for a consult and even before the doctor saw me said that a mini tuck was a gimmick and the results are fairly poor. But my problem is the pooch below my belly button . READ MORE

Is three thousand dollars too much for 4 temporary crowns?

My prosthdontist ( in NJ ) want to charge me $3,100 for four provisional (temporary) crowns. Is that the normal fee or is he charging me way too much? READ MORE

Should I leave in my 4 crowns?

18 months ago I had 4 crowns put on my front teeth. Ever since, my gums above the crowns have been very red and swollen. It was a biologic width issue. I was told I need crown... READ MORE

Is 2500 dollars alot for 4 temporary crowns?

My prosthodontist wants to charge me $ 2,500 for temporary crowns. He is in NJ. Is this reasonable?I'm going to have them for about a year. READ MORE

Should I put new crowns or implants?

I have been wearing crowns for almost 20 years on teeth # 7-10. My prosthdontist wants to replace my existing crowns with new ones, but my real tooth under crown # 7 is decayed... READ MORE

$ 2500 for a bone graft and a single tooth extraction?

Hello I went to see a periodontist in NJ and he told me it would be $ 2,500 for an single tooth extraction ( tooth # 10) and a bone graft. Isnt that a little too expensive? I... READ MORE