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Do my Ears Look Normal After Ear Otoplasty? Also Can I Do Situps?

I had an ear otoplasty surgery done 3 weeks ago, one of my ears is popping out a little more than the other, I was wondering if it pops out more because the antihelix is very... READ MORE

Can i ride a motorcycle if i had ear otoplasty done? Will the tightness of the helmet mess up my ears?

I just wanted to know if any one whose had ear otoplasty rides a motorcycle, and if the motorcycle helmet affects your ears in any way. I had the procedure done a 5 months ago... READ MORE

Can I go skydiving 7 months after Otoplasty?

Hi. I had otoplasty surgery done 7 months ago and was wondering if it would be ok to go skidiving? Will my ears pop back out from the air hitting them so fast? Will the sutures... READ MORE