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My first post on RS! YAY! well I'm fairly new to this website considering this is my first post, but ive been going on and off on whether or not to get the bbl procedure done and ive come to a conclusion that im going to be doing it with drduran ! ive been emailing drduran for the past couple... READ MORE

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How Do You Lay Down After a BBL?

I read somewhere to lay on your stomach to keep attention away from your butt, but I also read to lay on your side... Wouldn't laying on your sides mess up your fat which was... READ MORE

Period 3 Days After Brazilian Butt Lift? Should I Take Birth Control?

I realized I'll be getting my period probably 3-5 days after my BBL procedure.. I usually go through my cycle on the 26th and my sx is on the 22nd of November. Is that... READ MORE

Can I Still Get a BBL if I Bring Up my Hemoglobin Levels? Also, Are There Different Ways of Measuring Hemoglobin Levels?

Alright so I was told for my hemoglobin to be 12 or more by the doctor i was going to get my BBL done by in D.R. When I got my blood test results my doctor told me my... READ MORE

How Many B12 Vitamins, Folic Acid Pills and Iron Pills Daily 4 Months Prior to a BBL if I'm Anemic?

My hemoglobin is at 3 and its supposed to be at 12 for my BBL. I recently got iron pills called Euro-Fer (in the photo) and I also heard taking B12 vitamins and folic acid... READ MORE

How quick can somebody raise their hemoglobin?

I understand everyones different and it depends on how your body responds to the iron supplement but im saying in general; how long will it take for lets say somebodys hemo to... READ MORE

My hemoglobin is good but my iron count is low, am I still able to get a bbl?

I was told to have my hemoglobin over 12, I'm at 11.7 so I can get it up to 12 by February 14th (surgery day). I recently found out my IRON count is low, but my hemoglobin is... READ MORE

Can I get an hourglass shape with a BBL? (photos)

Is it possible for me to get an hourglass shape after a bbl with these pre op photos? Or are my hips too small to take in any fat ? READ MORE

Approximately how many months until lipo hard spots disappear?

I'm only 3 weeks post op lipo and bbl but I was wondering around how many months until my tummy feels normal? READ MORE

What kind of massages should I be getting after liposuction and bbl?

I had surgery 3 weeks ago in Dominican Republic and got a total of nine massages when I was over there. when I came back home to Canada I continued to get lymphatic drainage... READ MORE

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Thank u babyyyy !! READ COMMENT

They're still there just not as bad .. Keep a lot of compression and get those massages.. I'm 10 months and i still have some READ COMMENT

Lol girl if u really want it go out there n get it done. One of the best things I've done in my life READ COMMENT

I did lose some but it doesn't bother me a lot anymore, it did fluff back a little bit but not thaaat much READ COMMENT

No I don't but they used to be 13 inches I think and now they're 11. Everything is perfect now no sensitivity anywhere except my sides only a little tho nothin to go crazy over READ COMMENT