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Sadly the fat melted away on my face too! I used to have full cheeks and a strong chin. The person who performed my IPL,did multiple passes over my cheeks and around my chin (the machine used was Epilight which has a dual head- RF and... READ COMMENT

I have the floaters in both eyes also but the haze is mainly in one of my eyes i see halos around lights. It also some how changed the color of my vision in each eye. I went to the optimologist, they ran several tests and the structure... READ COMMENT

I hate this whole industry that destroys innocent people's lives! I'm sorry that you're going through this. I did find that with sometime and a good diet that some of the spots fill in a bit at least for me. I too wasn't told about... READ COMMENT

Wow, you look absolutely amazing...I wish I could look like my old self again. I live in NYC but I have some family in Los Gatos so I may take trip out there. Coleman he's in NYC? yeah I read some poor reviews on him so ill stay away... READ COMMENT