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Scam Warning- Houston, TX

I thought I did my research on this doctor and he seemed to have all the right qualifications and experience to carefully excise along a previous scar line and revise by removing depressions and lumps along previous incision. The attached photo shows all he did was add more scar tissue on top of... READ MORE

Contour Correction, Kenalog, 1 Sculptra Vial - Houston, TX

After having a nurse injector try some juvederm in nasal folds and seeing the results disappear before long another plastic surgeon told me about Sculptra. He recommended it to fill out loss of tissue on one side of the face and sent me home with a DVD demonstration that was very factual and... READ MORE

Best Aesthetic Treatment Ever!

Dr. Cho performed a lesion excision near a previous scar under my chin and I was so happy with the result I couldn't stop staring at it. He warned me of risk of a slight indentation but I wanted rid of the unsightly mess I had been carrying around for years that I thought, worse case scenario,... READ MORE

Much Needed Help - Houston, TX

I had to find the best possible advice on a subcutaneous nodule excision and when I stumbled upon reviews of Dr. Rock on Real Self that were all positive I decided to go in for a consultation with him. He clearly understood my desire to get rid of a floating nodule under my chin that made it... READ MORE

Craniofacial Deformity Transformed with Sculptra. - Houston, TX

I had a mild congenital facial deformity and weakness on my left chin that seemed to get worse with age because the larger muscle mass the right was sagging more. So over a decade ago I tried fixing it by getting the lower right face muscle pulled up, twice. In the process someone offered a... READ MORE

Questions from cbaker

How do I get rid of this "lobe" on my jawline? (Photo)

This was created in a "pinch" procedure. A doctor didn't want to completely flatten a fatty dermal lump so it was pinched and some skin excised off the top then stitched back... READ MORE

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Sallify, thanks for sympathizing with my nightmare of a journey since not many doctors will. RealSelf has helped me with the emotional healing as well as offer real practical advice on my next steps from both expert doctor answers and... READ COMMENT

P. S. Your recent pictures and comment. Your upper lids are no longer "hooded," there is definite improvement below and no "tell tale" signs of work done. I had filler in my periorbitals to correct asymmetry and although not perfect I... READ COMMENT

Hi Sallify, checking in on your eye surgery and things are looking better than I expected for post op pics. Thanks for posting the doctor's recommendations to reduce swelling and bruising, never knew about wheat and inflammation. It's... READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing and what an amazing job your second surgeon did! The photos, xray and drawings are extremely educational for anyone looking for genioplasty and the cost and payment process outstanding. It's true the rest of your... READ COMMENT

Your cheek bones look great now. My surgeon told me bruising is from hitting a blood vessel. I think my skin is thinner than yours but even the best injector can encounter the unexpected along the way. The good thing is bruising goes... READ COMMENT