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Reviews by cbaker

Buyer Beware!! - Houston, TX

I thought I did my research on this doctor and he seemed to have all the right qualifications and experience to carefully excise along a previous scar line and revise by removing depressions and lumps along previous incision. The attached photo shows all he did was add more scar tissue on top of... READ MORE

Contour Correction, Kenalog, 1 Sculptra Vial - Houston, TX

After having a nurse injector try some juvederm in nasal folds and seeing the results disappear before long another plastic surgeon told me about Sculptra. He recommended it to fill out loss of tissue on one side of the face and sent me home with a DVD demonstration that was very factual and... READ MORE

Best Aesthetic Treatment Ever!

Dr. Cho performed a lesion excision near a previous scar under my chin and I was so happy with the result I couldn't stop staring at it. He warned me of risk of a slight indentation but I wanted rid of the unsightly mess I had been carrying around for years that I thought, worse case scenario,... READ MORE

Much Needed Help - Houston, TX

I had to find the best possible advice on a subcutaneous nodule excision and when I stumbled upon reviews of Dr. Rock on Real Self that were all positive I decided to go in for a consultation with him. He clearly understood my desire to get rid of a floating nodule under my chin that made it... READ MORE

Craniofacial Deformity Transformed with Sculptra. - Houston, TX

I had a mild congenital facial deformity and weakness on my left chin that seemed to get worse with age because the larger muscle mass the right was sagging more. So over a decade ago I tried fixing it by getting the lower right face muscle pulled up, twice. In the process someone offered a... READ MORE

Not a Great Necklift/Scar Revision Afterall, Scroll to End - Houston, TX

I'm only 3 days post op from a lower facelift and necklift revision and decided to get word out quickly to others seeking 2nd or 3rd revisions to the face and neck that Dr. Athre is an excellent choice. This is actually my 3rd lower facelift revision needed to correct multiple poor results... READ MORE

Questions from cbaker

How do I get rid of this "lobe" on my jawline? (Photo)

This was created in a "pinch" procedure. A doctor didn't want to completely flatten a fatty dermal lump so it was pinched and some skin excised off the top then stitched back... READ MORE

Is it possible to get lower lip symmetry with Botox? (Photo)

I've worked over a decade on camoulflaging my hemifacial microsomia with two "asymmetrical" face lifts and Sculptra filler. Now I want to finish with a more symmetrical smile.... READ MORE

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Thanks Gina! I knew there would be a surgeon out there somewhere who really understands the whole jawline, especially below it in the submental region. So this surgeon told me before the surgery, "I just care what I see at eye level"... READ COMMENT

Well, believe it or not I'm still dealing with the nodule he created on my chin 3 years later. Someone suggested he may have used silicone in it. So a dermatologist at the surgeon's office who does my filler might zap it with liquid... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the comment and "snookered" is right. People looking for revisions should forget my "Goldilocks" story and think of "Little Red Riding Hood" instead. Hopefully, they'll take the time to read this review all the way to the... READ COMMENT

I removed photos in July 2014, to remain more anonymous. However, please refer to my revised review and rating of this surgeon which has come down a couple notches. At 11 months post procedure, I am more informed and level-headed. I... READ COMMENT

Shiski, I removed my pictures soon after the review for more privacy. I hope that answers your question. READ COMMENT