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Happy 1 year booty anniversary to me! Pics

Hello my bbl sisters I am 41 and always wanted a booty. When i was a teen everyone would tell me i have no butt. I never knew doctors could sculpt bodies this way. I knew they would do implants but i never wanted those so i am so thankful i found this website and as a result dr Salama. I liked... READ MORE

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How Many Cc Per Side I Could Get?

How much can the doctors get from lipo from a 142-145 lb 5.4. Is it possible to get enough for 1400-1500cc for each side fir bbl? READ MORE

Bbl How Many Cc Could They Get from Me? (photo)

I am about 145 lb 5.4 and i was wondering how much fat can they liposuction from me? Would they be able to get 1500 cc for each side? READ MORE

Burns from lipo?

I've seen many patients very badly burned lately after lipo. Why is it happening? I am talking about burns happening here in the US not other countries. Is equipment or... READ MORE

How can I tell the difference between scar tissue and fat necrosis?

I had bbl in march and from the beginning i had this tender firm area and dents around it. I asked my dr what can i do about it and he said to massage it cuz it might be due to... READ MORE

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Its Liz (786) 399-7721 READ COMMENT

Hi hun i can its just idk if she is still there but she might recommend u someone u can trust, she moved to orlando i think READ COMMENT

I hear ya, i wonder if he confused you with another patient that day that wanted your booty. I feel the same about thr dents, i am 43 and never had cellulite, my mother is 74 no cellulite at all. Now i look like i do one one side, mine... READ COMMENT

He might do revision and add bra and arm. I think that way it doesn't cost a lot READ COMMENT

I read your entire review and it says from second or third week but I felt mine around 6 because before that i was told not to massage not even to apply arnica READ COMMENT