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I Am 8 Days Post Lipo of Abdomen/flanks and Have Developed a Hematoma. Do I Need This Surgically Removed Asap? (photo)

About a litre of fat was removed. I developed a large hematoma on one side (hip/flank), about 6 inches square, maybe even more, on day 3 or 4. Some swelling which seems to have... READ MORE

Two Weeks Post Stomach Lipo and Stomach Just Suddenly Plopped out All Floppy Again?

Thank you to the doctors who ansered my previous question so helpfully. Now tummy fat just overnight plopped out and is all floppy and big again, doesn't feel swollen, feels... READ MORE

How Rare Are Hematomas and Seromas from Abdominal/flank Liposuction Alone?

I went to an extremely reputable doctor with vast liposuction experience, yet had both these complications after abdominal lipo of 1 ltr. The dr. tells me most likely I was... READ MORE

How Long is Too Long to Wait to Drain an Abdominal Seroma? I Am Almost 3 Weeks Post Op and Ten Days Post Seroma.

I was out of town when the seroma developed. I just got back and the dr. will drain it tomorrow but I had to wait ten days because I was away. Is this too long and have I... READ MORE

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Did anyone else do liposuction instead of full tummy tuck and wondering if you need more?

I did lipo a month ago.  While it is a VAST improvement, I still have a little belly mpund, much much smaler but I look like the before picture for some perfectionists.... READ MORE