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My breasts were very small and empty. - Breast Augmentation - Houston, TX

After having three children and nursing for over 6 years, my breasts were very small and empty. I was concerned about going under the muscle because I practice yoga daily and did not want to lose pectoral strength, so Dr Ciaravino recommended 225 cc above the muscle. It was a flawless, pain free... READ MORE

40 Years Old, 3 Kids, Revision for Capsular Contracture - Houston, TX

I had 225cc HP over the muscle implants put in April 5 last year and noticed a hardening on my right side this April, a year later. I had had a horrible staph infection in November near the nipple on the same side. Went to my PS this April to discuss the hardening and he confirmed capsular... READ MORE

Questions from Mamamel1974

What kind of infection is this on my breast? (photo)

I had a BA 9 months ago. Two weeks ago, a pimple appeared on my right breast and got worse. I also felt a lump under the skin on the same breast. My gyno took a culture, and... READ MORE

Can I reduce my chances for recurring Capsular Contracture if I switch from Subglandular to Subpectoral Implants?

Last April I had 225ccHP subglandulars silicone implants put in and have now developed capsular contracture on the right side. If I get the capselectomy and go under the muscle... READ MORE

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Thanks. You can't take care of visitors after your op. You can't lean over or pick up a pot to cook or even get out of bed easily those first few days, so you will need them to care for you!! You need to arrange to take it very very... READ COMMENT

Thanks!!! But HP are super narrow, so if you want more cleavage, you may want to go with mods. Leave that up to your doc. Of course cleavage comes easily with a bra, especially a push-up after implants, but if you like that look... READ COMMENT

Without a doubt round!!! Check out my pics. You have had babies so there is sagging, so round looks beautiful and very natural. And you can drive once your off of pain mess, so give it three days tops. READ COMMENT

Sorry you're having troubles with your outcome. I needed a revision because of cap con and I didn't like what my old doc said, so I went with a new ps and got larger implants and Strattice, which is an acellular dermal matrix (internal... READ COMMENT

I have 350 HP and I am super short, so you can go up to 400 or higher and have great results. Check out my pics. I recommend HP if you've had kids, but if your chest is wider and your doc recommends mod, then go with that. READ COMMENT